Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

UPDATE: It's Alive II

I used the wrong yeast. However, when I went to punch it down, it was perfect - tacky, but it pulled away from my hands. Thank you for the advice. I have made bread before, but not in years.

I shaped it into eight small loaves after taking challah. The first four doubled as I was braiding the second batch ,so I painted them with egg wash (I couldn't find the sesame seeds, so it's just eggwash) and they're in the oven now.

This is the first time in years and years I've made challah, let alone a big enough batch to actually take challah *with* a blessing. The merit for this goes to kressel, who inspired me to do this mitzvah. For this, may she have the zechus to see all of her children do well in school.
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