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Friday afternoon, I shopped, getting the stuff we needed for three meals plus a gift of fruit for our Saturday night hostess. Then I cooked. And that night.

That night we had dinner in our own succah for the first time *ever*. We have had many a first night dinner in our old shul or rabbi's succah, and we spent one Sukkot with friends in Monsey, NY,and last year we went to people in our new area. But this year we have our own, and it was wonderful. I think we bounced through kiddush, the blessing over the day.

And there were succot all around us, too - our neighbors to the left, our landlady, people behind us, people beyond our neighbors to the left. The night was full of song. After our own dinner, we even stopped by a neighbors for some schapps. (I had a full shot glass of Scotch - no sweet ladylike liquers for me.) It was utterly amazing.

I missed shul in the mornig, which was a shame, but. Well. It happens. And we had lunch in the succah. And we napped. That next night, we went to friends, bearing fruit. There our conversation ranged from Bujold to Patrick O'Brien to Harry Potter (they have a twelve year old) to fanfic. I actually told Yitzchak part of the plot of jacquez's Sorcerer's Apprentice. Hey, it's gen. Teasing, but gen.

Sunday was also Jonathan's Hebrew birthday. He's 37. So, he'd led services that night. And the next morning. And the next afternoon. And I made lambchops for lunch because I can cook on holidays with sufficient preparation. He did a lovely job with the service - lots of singing along, which is always good. And I think I had the prettiest etrog in the synagogue - yellow and perfectly formed, if small.

After lunch, we went to visit Jonathan's teacher in his succah, where we chatted for a while, and then paid a visit to a friend on our block and got an invite to dinner on Friday.

And then we found our friend of the night before standing with his son in front of our house. It seems Yitzchak wanted to visit. So, after his father gave him precise instructions (You can stay no longer than 6:15. If Jonathan and Debbie ask you to leave at anytime earlier, you will do so without complaint. Jonathan and Debbie can ask you to leave at any point), we invited him upstairs, where I gave him seltzer and nuts and we proceeded to spend an afternoon with comic books - he's not officially permitted to read comics written after 1989, but as I have a number of reprints, compilations and archives from before then, that was not a problem.

I know we're odd to him. He knows science fiction fans, and he knows religious people from his parents' shuls and his friends' parents, but we are religious science fiction fans *and*, unlike most other adults in his experience, we aren't parents. So, we follow his parents' rules, but we also talk to him.

But, you know. It's nice that a 12 yo thinks of us as friends.

It did mean no nap, though, and I had to keep my overshirt and hat on, but that's okay.

And that night, I made chicken sandwiches to eat in our succah as the first normal weekday dinner we had a chance to eat in any succah. Yay.

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