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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Food Geekery

Alton Brown on poaching, from his book I'm Just Here for the Food.

"I like to poach in an electric skillet, which I calibrate by filling with waters, dropping in the probe of one of my many thermometers and taking the thermostate for a ride. I found that the temperature gauge was way off, so I re-marked it with white tape and a pen. Then I went one geeky step further and wired in a dimmer switch so that I could maintain temperatures well below the "simmer" level."

Page 138

My own reactions? One the one hand, yes, that's very geeky. On the other hand, how cool is that? And useful, too.

But then. I am a speaker-to-geeks.


I'm not sure that the dimmer switch is even so much geeky as Technically Competent. The bit about recalibrating the gauge on an electric skillet is simply good sense. (What I need is a good thermometer. I do own one of the standard metal clip-on candy thermometers, but its gauge shows nothing even remotely useful, so that I wind up testing my sugar syrup the old-fashioned way.) On the other hand... does not finding that especially weird prove that I'm a geek?

He uses electronic probe thermometers with digital readouts. And it not only sounds like good sense, it even sounds *fun*.

Of course, I'm such a kitchen Luddite that the only electric equipment I use more than monthly is my thermal hot water urn, so.

My instant read thermometer is currently in my bathroom window, reading air temperature. My husband put it there.