Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Triumph of the Helpline

I'm too crampy to work. Hormones=fun. Not.

So. My triumph yesterday.

The phone call came on Saturday afternoon, waking me from my Shabbos shluff (Sabbath nap). Which is, of course, sacred. Day of rest and all that, you know?

The answering machine is in the bedroom, so I listened as it picked up. It's one of my bosses - it seems the printer isn't printing. This is a networked printer/copier which we lease with a service contract. It's copying just fine. He wanted me to call them and brainstorm. Plus there is another printer available.

Not happening, of course. The only phone calls I'd take would have to be real emergencies of the Gd-forbid variety. I couldn't get back to sleep, though.

When I got to work Monday (first one in), I began to try to figure out what was wrong. I got an error message - Kprint error. So, I found the program and reinstalled it on my computer.

That worked, sort of. Now the documents were queuing up and there was a "printing" message, but no printing. By this time, my boss showed up, so the phones would be covered, and I called the helpdesk. They gave me the technical hotline, saying that if an actual visit had to be made and it was a network problem, not a hardware one, it would be $200. We did want to avoid that.

I called them.

The help desk person was. Interesting, I guess. He sounded completely and utterly bored. "Here's another moron end user," I could hear in his tone of voice. I ignored it - it was 10:30AM EDT but who knows how many calls he'd fielded already. Everything he told me, he told me slowly and carefully. His instructions? Delete the printer entirely, download a new printer driver, reboot, install the printer with the new driver. It took a couple of tries, and the printer never really did delete, so I had to give the new one a different name, which made life difficult eventually (should have renamed the original. Oh, well.)

And it didn't work. The jobs queued up, with no notice about changing or not. No status at all, just sitting there peacefully.

I called the technical line again (okay, I'd written the number down wrong. I tried to guess what my poor handwriting said after I got the first "your call could not be connected as dialed..." and got an operator at a small college and she was confused when I said I got the wrong number, and tried to help me. "No, you're not [company]. Really. I'm very sorry." She was sweet, though. I called the service line and got the right number - I'd written it down wrong. Gd only knows how I got to them in the first place.)

I had to re-enter the IP number, which meant finding it. And then it worked. On my computer. Second tech support guy, btw, was less tired and bored sounding, so maybe I hit shift change or something. Quite likely. I also followed instructions well. I do that.

I didn't test anyone else's - silly me. But someone couldn't print. So I checked and realized the problem.

And went around deleting the old printer and reinstalling the new one. Or, rather, making something called "auto..." default first, which didn't work, so then I had to reinstall, pointing to the one on my computer. But I figured that out soon enough, *and* all by myself, so I was proud.

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