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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
House "Forever"

Oh, my goodness.

I cried. I don't cry when I watch television. or not much. But when that baby died, and there was the father, and then the mother...I cried. I hurt for Chase (and why isn't he rich anymore?), but the rest of it...

Of course, House stopped persuading her. In her state of mind, there's no way any treatment would have worked anyway.

But I cried.

The Cuddy thing - woof. Pure slash. AGAIN.

And then there was Foreman. It was heartbreaking at the end, but he was *trying* - somehow, I know that he hadn't been doing the flashcards until House snapped him out of it. He'd convinced himself that however he was was fine. And just like Kara, no flashcards would have worked until he wanted to be better.

I love this show. I really do.


Oh, that was such a good show!

Tuesdays & Wednesdays are shaping up to be my favorite nights.

Tuesday is NCSI (I love Abby!) on CBS, House on Fox, and Boston Legal on ABC.

Wednesday is Bones (when it's on) on Fox, Lost on ABC, and then usually Invasion on ABC.

But now Summer is coming! Those shows are going away! At least Rescue Me and The 4400 are coming back.....

Of all those shows, I watch.

House. I do like Bones, but that timeslot is now when I watch shows I tape.

House = love. But omg, the woman - what else did she play on? I swear she was on a Disney show, or a crappy teen drama, or something like that at some point, because she looked really familiar, but I can't place her for anything in the world!

Her name is Hilary Tuck. She's done a lot of guest shots, playing friends and such.

And House throwing aside his cane and actually *running* to try to save the baby!

I know! Can you imagine the pain he'll be in when the adrenaline wears off?