Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Drabbles 3-7

rachel_wilder requested

Josh Lyman - "Succession"

He didn't expect to feel awe again. He'd felt it once, eight years earlier, stepping into his own office, the one he'd fill with memories and Sam and Donna over seven years. But the awe went away with grinding work and no sleep and no weekends, and he and Sam didn't really manage to change the world that much.

But this was Leo's office. He could feel him there. And if the awe was different, it was still there. He sat behind the bare desk, in front of the familiar view, and in his head, he saw that brilliant smile.

kressel requested

Jane Austen: Sparkling

"What fun this is!" Lydia's letter glowed on Elizabeth's desktop in bright, pink letters. She spoke of all the hardships of ground troop training as if she were at a garden party, of all the delightful people she'd, and of her new responsibilities with far more pleasure than she ever did her chores at home.

Elizabeth had smiled then - Lydia was growing up, still sparkling and joyful. If only she'd known what would happen next.

Would that sparkle survive her capture by the enemy? Or would Elizabeth be rescuing a very different girl? No matter. She'd bring her home.

vassilissa requested

Wilson - Heart

Wilson rummaged through the fridge, past a brand-new collection of mold and take-out containers, until he found a couple of bottles of beer. House, fiddling with the TiVo remote, put out his hand just before Wilson plopped himself down next to him, plucking the beer without looking away from the set.

He found the show he'd taped, and showed it without sound. They made up dialogue and Wilson critiqued all their clothes, while House diagnosed everything from their mental states to their bank accounts. Later, zonked from exhaustion, Vicodin and beer, House fell asleep on Wilson's shoulder.

He was home.

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