Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Drabbles 8-10

ataniell93 requested

William Bush - Rivals

Maria had been no rival for William - even she knew it. He could see it penetrating the dullness of her sight, even as she became Horatio's bride. She knew that Horatio did not love her and barely wanted her body. She had his name. William had everything else.

And Marie, lost in France, was even less of one - he left her without regret nor name nor child. In the ship that bore them home, Horatio held William each night till home.

Where Lady Barbara took him for her own and William knew that he had lost his heart.

musigneus requested

Sheppard - Belonging

"Why are you always here?" Zelenka looked up from his computer to stare at John, who stared back.

He tried to think of an answer. "Why not? Do you mind me being here?"

Rodney put down his coffee cup. "Of course not, Colonel. You're useful for touching and coffee and math and being generally in the way. Why should we mind?"

"Well, good."

"You should be with other soldiers, but it's not a problem that you are here."

"Good. I'll stay." He didn't say that he wished he was one of them, or that being with them was like flying.

castiron requested

Blair Sandburg - "Lifestyle"

Blair drew his gun, covering his partner as he zigzagged across the room. He knew Jim was safe, he knew Jim had his ears and eyes open, wider than anyone else, ready to catch anything that might be a danger. He knew, but his heart pounded in his ears anyway.

And when the bullets flew and one came within inches of him, and another still closer to Jim, he fired his gun with intent, and the bullet hit.

He wondered at that moment where the little professor had gone, but then the thought disappeared. This was the life he wanted.

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