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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Day of Doctors and Transit

Okay, the first appointment wasn't a *doctor*, but still.

I get a gold star. My weight is down a couple more pounds (which I can see in my face and body and clothes) and my blood sugar is where it should be. She approves of my attittude. Next appointment? Next month.

Getting there was a bit of an adventure because I had to take a car service. He got to us in plenty of time, but there was a car stalled or stopped in the middle of a sidestreet and there was a whole line of cars that had to turn around or back up, and we were one of them. I still got there bang on time.

On the way back to the subway, a lady in full hijab (Islamic modesty) garb - scarf showing only face, long coat - told me that my skirt had ridden up in back. It's a soft, knit skirt and I was wearing a heavy bag, and a waistpack and these things happen. I thanked her and adjusted it. And she said, "We have to stick together."

I'm wearing a green headscarf over a black headscarf, and while they only covered my hair, I think she thought I was also Muslim. Outside the Orthodox communities, after all, only Muslim women commonly wear scarves. I thank her again and nodded. I admit that I had to hold back a smile when I realized it, but it didn't seem the right time to say, "Oh, but I'm Jewish." Also, it could have been a universal sisterhood thing.

I see this guy every six months for my contact dermatitis, but he's also treating me for rosecea and the occasional bleeding or itchy mole. And tree pollen simply because I have an overactive immune system, and the meds need to deal with that *and* my hives. So, I'm taking Zyrtec, the sanity drug, every day instead of every other day. He also gave me a different rosecea gel and a handful of samples. He also noticed the weight loss, and I told him my new meds so he knows about them. And he thinks I'm doing well, too. ("You'll be thirty pounds lighter next time I see you!)

To get to this doctor, I need to take a subway and a cross-town bus. My normal procedure is to call before I leave and find out how behind he is. Normally, it's an hour or more, and I can chose to leave accordingly. Today, shock of shocks, he was on schedule. And I'd called late. So I ran out the door, bought a burger and soda to go and waited for the train. And waited and waited - I ate the burger while waiting (I'd washed and said motzi in the takeout place.) Meanwhile, a bunch of high school girls found another sitting with her boyfriend, and they began to *sing* - they were members of a church choir and wanted to prove that one of them was off. And then they just began talking.

And they didn't stop talking until we reached 34th St - proms and boys and the fact that the dating couple were going with other people to the prom, to the shock of one of the other girls. It was distracting, I suppose, but they were loud, so I figured I could eavesdrop.

I got there about 20 minutes late - and there were only two patients ahead of me. I believe this was one of the shortest waits ever. Yay!


This doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but I wanted to let you know I always enjoy reading your posts. You write very well, for one thing, but I also find them to be (dare I say it) "educational" regarding your religious beliefs/practices. (I do realize, of course, that's not the point of your journal). The very little I know about Jewish Orthodox beliefs (sorry if that's wrong) I got from reading Chaim Potok and others. I have Jewish friends here, but they are ...um, not Orthodox. I really enjoy reading about your life, and how your spiritual beliefs fit into your daily activities (which is how it should be).

I'm not really saying this very well ... I feel like I'm coming across like I think you're odd or something, which isn't it at all. It's just very interesting to me. I hope that's okay.

Thank you.

I'm glad you enjoy my posts and that you believe you learn from them.

In other words, it's very okay. Also, if you have any questions, I will answer them or tell you if I can't.

Yeah, what is it with the subways of late? Mostly seems to be running late. And I can't figure on the crowds. Some days I think it should be light and there are a ton of people. Other days, it's lighter than normal.