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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

For the past year or so, my bathroom has been intermittently leaking into my landlady's. (I live on the top floor of a two-story/two-family house. My landlady and her unmarried kids live on the lower floor.)

The bathroom itself is poorly designed - it's long and narrow, with the commode and the sink separated by the length of the tub - and the tub is arranged so that the spigots are on one end - and the drain is on the other, with the switch for opening and closing the drain above it. Baths? Not really comfortable. We take showers.

Anyway, she's convinced it's just leakage from our showers onto the floor or through the walk. That it's not the pipes. I don't blame her, in that ripping open the wall and replacing the pipes and the tiles is NOT cheap. So, today we had plumbers come.

They regrouted and caulked around the tub, and we shall see. Since we knew they were coming, we took our showers last night - good thing since the shower is not useable until tomorrow. Also, we'll replace the shower curtain then. I do have replacements. (Other annoying bit - the enclosure for the shower curtain is *significantly smaller* than the tub. I have no idea why.) And I still don't think S is satisfied, but what can I do? Besides maybe finding a nice co-op to buy?

And I wasn't able to shop yesterday because of all the medical appointments, so I had to shop today. And, of course, there is cleaning person.


Bugger! I wish I knew Mario Bros. (either game or movie) better or at least remembered the movie better. Could have come up with a cute pun.

"'Twas on the Monday morning that the gasman came to call..."

Flanders and Swann don't mention plumbers, but for most of it you could replace "gasman" with "plumber"