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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
beta request

Any one want to beta a McShep story?


Yes! mecurtin at alumni dot princeton dot edu

On its way!

Did you send it? *pokes inbox peevishly*

I did. I'll try to send it again.

Look for subject header "Here it is"

I haven't seen it, so I just sent an email from my work addy to your verizon addy, which you can reply to with the story.

Got it! I'll send it back after I've planted some of these annuals.

Annuals? Such as "Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Law (Mechqarei Yerushalayim)"? Or "Manual Collection (Kobez al Yad)"? Or "The Annual of Armenian Linguistics"? Are their flowers pretty?

....okay, reading that line while in a Grey's Anatomy state of mind, but knowing it's probably SGA-related? Hello, mental cross-over.