Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Today was quiet.

I did call my mother, who spent the day with her boyfriend's family, and I spoke to my mother-in-law, who asked to borrow a cane - we're lending her mine, which is adjustable and collapsible and lighter in weight than Jonathan's. She's also having cataract surgery soon. My mom will need that as well, but she's doing okay right now and the longer they can put it off, the better.

jonbaker went to the gym today, which is wonderful. He needed to go for all sorts of reasons, one of which is his brother. M is buying a farm - ostensibly so he can grow potatoes on it for his biology students to kill bugs on in the summer,but really for "when the gas runs out." Which will happen. Which is scary. Which is making my husband paranoid. He's talking about learning how to do shchitah! And M? Has no idea how to run a subsistance farm. He's thinking vegetables and a few chickens, and using windmills to power an electric tractor.

As opposed to a mix of animals for food, fertilizer and traction. Which is what we're telling him. To plan for this, you need to go early Victorian tech. And, honestly? I don't think we (as in my family) can do it. Though for me it's fun planning. For Jonathan, it's terrifying and I want to...well. I'm not happy with M.

However, going to the gym made Jonathan less paranoid. So that's good.

We also paid a shiva call - friend's mother died last week. Sitting shiva for a mother today has to be rough.

I know Father's Day will be.

Oddly enough, Mother's Day by itself was NOT hard today for me. Yeah, still not a mother. Yeah, inundated with reminders of that. But. I *do* have my mother, and she's happy and well, and I do have a mother-in-law I love, who is less well, but still doing okay. And that's a lot right there.

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