Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Grey's Anatomy

I am speechless. Utterly speechless. What the *hell* was Izzie thinking about? What happened to "First do no harm"? No matter what happens, she has to lose her license. Permanently. Hell, they have to blacklist her from anything in the medical field - nurse, technician, therapist - anything that has to do with patients. She should just give it up and go to law school. If she doesn't go to prison for murder. Or fraud.

I don't blame George for being paralyzed - what Izzie wanted to do was completely and utterly insane, and sweet George is not insane. His girlfriend is, but even she wouldn't think about doing *that*. Because it's insane and wrong - even HOUSE wouldn't do that. House, who killed a girl for a couple of minutes wouldn't do that.

Um. Okay, maybe he would. But I hope not. And he'd give people a chance to argue him out of it first.

So Izzie is doing this impossible, wrong thing and George doesn't know what to do - or what he could do that wouldn't hurt Denny.

And meanwhile, poor Burke is being shot and...

And the rest of it? McDreamy deserved that yelling at so much. And McVet does NOT deserve to be rebound guy for Meredith. And Addison? She's been paid back for McSteamy and now she needs to move on, because this is not a marriage and she's turned out to be very, very cool.

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