Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Sometimes you don't realize what you're doing until it's over

Last night, I went to my Pa-kua class.

And just before class I found out that A. my master was going to be late and B. that there was a new student in the class - an "older lady."

So I would take the new student through the opening warm-ups, taking it easy because of her age. Which was, yes, her sixties. Okay, fine. I could do that. We ran (well, she walked fast but that was fine) and did crunches and then I did push-ups but she did squats because she has neck problems. And then we went through the 24 movements, which I did slowly and carefully, and which I modified a couple of times in ways that they had been modified for me, so I knew that was permissible.

And no Master. So I went through a bit more beginner stuff - proper fighting position (which I ended up demonstrating side-by-side because otherwise it's confusing.) prior to the kicks. And I went slowly through the kicks, demonstrating several times before having her do them.

Then I showed rider's position (feet parallel and 2xshoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hands fisted at waist) and some punches, and then I showed her how to salute (left fist presses into right palm, right hand wraps around left fist) and we went on to one on one sparring. By this point, we were 30 minutes in and I knew I'd have to figure out a whole class.

We were doing a self-defense technique when Master S came in, apologizing all over the place, and we finished with some shadow movements (sort of tai chi.) She really had no choice, though.

But all of a sudden and without planning, I had to give someone her very first pa-kua lesson. And she's coming back anyway!

And she gave me a ride home, too.

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