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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
There are times I wonder...

Do the recappers of TWoP watch the same shows we do?

Case in point - (spoiler alert) this recaplet for House.

Okay, most of it is pretty much on target, but they have this thing about House and his Vicodin, and then the morphine.

House isn't addicted to painkillers because they get him high - and they only get him high when he's forced to be off them for awhile. He also has a tremendous tolerance for alcohol.

He's addicted because they allow him to function. When one is in pain, especially great pain, it's impossible to think about anything else. This is a man who *broke his own hand* to distract himself when he was off the pain meds. And no one thought it was weird. He paced throughout this episode to distract himself (and good for Cameron for realizing this.) He even got the masseuse again, he was so desperate. And he did not look like he was enjoying himself much.

He keeps morphine in his house, yes. He keeps it so high up that he has to climb on a chair to get it - and climbing on a chair is a major feat for House. He keeps it in a locked box. He's made it so difficult that he won't get it unless he needs it - unless the Vicodin is not controlling his pain anymore. And everything looked...new. Which makes sense, since he made a big deal about asking Cuddy for a shot. He hasn't needed it before.

And, even so - when he got that call, he did NOT take the shot.

Not a morphine addict.

But I'll bet he wishes he was one.


I'm a chronic pain sufferer myself (albeit not nearly as bad as House) and so I've always found the pain-killer-addict judgements on TWOP more than a little harsh. I know how terrifying it would be for him to have to resort to the morphine when his beloved Vicodin doesn't quite cut it - because it would be so very, very easy to become a slave to it. And as we've seen more than once, it is a very last resort, even to a man who admits to already being an addict of one drug.

Having once spent the better part of 6 months in nigh-constant chronic pain, taking motrin at the "oh my god are you trying for kidney damage?!" levels, the judgements I see on TWOP show that the recapper has never spent an extended time in physical pain.

Frankly, I spit on judgement like that.

If you haven't been there, you just don't understand what it's like.

Yeah - and that's speaking as someone who has not ever had pain on that level or for so long. Yikes!

Since I *haven't* been there - I just know that we need A. more effective pain relievers *and* B. far less of an attitude about using them.

I just remember a fanfic I read where someone was taken off painkillers early for fear of addiction, even though he was still in acute pain.

And the solution was blow jobs, btw.

It's not just hte TWoP people. It's also the writers of the series. But the TWoP people are worse. They seem to assume that taking the Vicodin impairs his judgement. To the contrary - it makes it possible.

(Although I suspect the medical puzzles help distract him, too.)

The TWOP recapper for House drives me nuts. I tried using them when I couldn't watch House due to VM being on at the same time, but I had to stop before I could get through one recap. I don't understand why they assign recappers to shows that so clearly hate them, and so clearly miss the point of what's going on in the ep. (West Wing recappers, we're looking at you too)

It's not hating the show - it's being *cool*. And funny. And that's hard to do when the show is actually well written and acted.

Which, hey, applies to West Wing, too. At least in the Sorkin years.

Yeah, this just seems an impossible thing for people to get. I remember reading once-maybe it was here for all I remember!-how fanfic for House always wants to have a big scene where somebody helps House with his addiction with all the cliches of a drug addict etc., and then after his big withdrawal he's all happy and fixed. I guess if they remember the person also kisses the pain to make it better.