Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Good thing I'm a touch-typist, because I can barely see at the moment. I have the font for my browser cranked up to 10 - not quite 11. That's because I just came from the opthamalogist and they dilated my eyes.

So forgive any typos - I can't see them.

I went because 1. I't's been a couple of years since my last exam and 2, wiith my diabetes kicking in like this, I need to get a baseline exam before things go wrong. And it needed to be done by an opthalmologist, not an optometrist.

My eyes are basically fine - no sign of diabetic retinapathy or macular degeneration, no sign of cataracts or glaucoma. I *am* a bit more nearsighted, but not enough to get a new prescription. Also, he believe that as my blood sugar levels improve, so will my eyesight. Thus, no need to get new glasses. Since this change is very recent, I'm inclined to go along with that. I made an appointment for next year.

There was one odd bit - he said my optic nerves looked like I had glaucoma, but I don't. And he took a picture of them for the record because of this. I never got the chance to ask him why - Jonathan called and then I needed the picture.

Does anyone here have any idea what that would mean? My grandmother a"h had glaucoma.

After googling: Okay. My optic nerves apparently have a larger than normal "cup" at the ends, which would indicate glaucoma if there was also other indications - being very thin or sloped - but not in my case. However, he took the pictures for future reference, in case it changes. Okay. That makes sense. Human variation vs. diagnosis.
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