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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Things I have learned

Bananas are not necessarily a good thing for breakfast.
Always wash one's hands with soap and water.

Rings are funny things. You don't expect to lose weight in your hands, you know? And it's also a very dry, cool day (glorious! - I love this weather) which does cause finger shrinkage, too. So my rings (my wedding and engagement rings on my left hand, my turquoise one on my right - the only rings I wear, but I wear them all the time) are loose, and the stones are interfering with my typing. I thought about moving the turquoise to a different finger, but that won't work. The joints on on the first and middle fingers are somewhat swollen and I can't get the ring over them, and the pinky is obviously too small. I didn't even realize that about the joints in my first finger, but now that I compare them to my left hand, I can see it's true. It doesn't hurt, though, unlike the middle finger, so I don't think it's arthritis.

I do know that the last time I lost a significant amount of weight, about fifteen years ago, I lost the turquoise for awhile, and as it was a gift from my mother over 21 years ago, I don't want to do that again. And they don't resize silver for some reason.

Also, of course, it's probably the weather.


My temporary solution to the ring problem was to use a very very narrow plain silver ring to hold my commitment ring on my finger. It's barely noticeable and works very well.

And if I lose more weight, I can easily pick up another, slightly smaller, one or think about getting my ring sized then.

They don't resize silver? ... That surprises me. But maybe it's harder to match properly.

When my ring flops around and bugs me I take it off and set it on my desk while I'm typing, or sometimes put it in my pocket (or the change pocket of my wallet or similar). Course I'm not married -- I imagine that's not a workable solution wrt wedding rings. (I think my mother takes hers off to wash her hands, but not at any other time, even if she's putting on hand lotion, which I think would drive me crazy. But, again, no personal experience of Rings With That Sort Of Significance, so, you know. On the -- excuse the expression -- other hand, as a friend of mine pointed out to his mother when she learned they'd taken their rings off during the reception so the photographer could do an artsy picture with the rings and an invitation and a centerpiece, the absence of the ring from his finger for fifteen minutes didn't make him any less married. [g])

I do take off my rings when I think about it - ritual handwashing, meatloaf making before I started using vinyl gloves, going to mikveh, Pa-kua (can't wear jewelry on the mat)- but I feel naked without them. It certainly doesn't make me less married - I could have sold the wedding ring five minutes after the ceremony and it wouldn't have mattered.

I'm just afraid of losing them.

I mean, the engagement ring is probably our most valuable possession.

That's weird about the not resizing silver...

I would suggest wearing them on a chain around your neck, and if you feel naked without rings on those fingers, maybe get some other pretty but not so valuable rings to wear in their place.

I'm not sure who it is who isn't resizing. We always resized silver... Only reason I can think of is if has marcasite in it.

Keep looking around, I finally found a jeweler who will resize silver. But it took a while. Until then, maybe a nice silver chain and wear it around your neck.

Isn't it funny about the way fingers swell and shrink. During cold weather my rings slide everywhere, and when I get hot they're the first things I take off. I have arthritis in my fingers and several of the joints are swollen so that I can't wear most rings anymore. Boy do I miss them. I used to wear rings on all fingers, now I only wear my three stone eternity band.

Can I tell you how much I enjoy your posts. Reading about your life is very interesting, as I'm not of the Jewish faith. I feel like I learn something every post. I have trouble understanding some of the words but the text usually points me in the right direction.

Keep up the weight loss program. You know it's working when the fingers start getting smaller.