Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last Night's House

Wow. Just. Wow. Intense, draining, wow. This is up there with "Three Stories".

One thing - the closed captioning identified Jack (the shooter) as "Moriarity". Was this ever done in out loud? Because. Yeah, Holmesian. (For those who don't know, Moriarity was Holmes' great nemesis.) No matter - extremely cool anyway.

I'm not the fastest on the uptake and I saw this after a fairly exhausting evening, so it took me most of the way through the episode to realize we couldn't trust *any* of the scenes - I knew something didn't make sense when they ate the fish tacos the first time, but since we didn't know he was hallucinating yet (did we? - I need to watch this again) I didn't know what he was.

And no hospital would put a man who had been shot next to the man who shot him. It just wouldn't be done, although watching them both eat pancakes one-handed was fun. Also fun? Watching House walk and dance on the steps, and just not use that cane. And be weirded out by it.

Not so much fun were the exploding body parts (I am glad they were also part of the hallucination) or House hitting Wilson. That was very, very hard to watch. One wonders if he wants to do so in real life, you know?

Also - I wonder who is the person he believes is three-four points ahead of his integer?

I don't know. I've had the night to digest this, and I still need to see it again knowing it was all in his head, but it was. Amazing.

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