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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Slash Fandom Poll

I'm working on an essay about second fandoms. I need some data points. Can you spread this around?

Poll #735407 Second Fandoms

Are you a slash fan?


If yes, which was your first slash fandom (However you define "first")

The Sentinel
Star Trek:TOS
The Phantom Menace
Harry Potter
Starsky and Hutch
Blake's 7
Due South
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek: Other series (in comments)
The Professionals
Stargate: Atlantis
Age of Sale

Fandom not mentioned here

What is your current main slash fandom?

How did you get into slash fandom?

Born a slasher
Followed a favorite author into slash
Ran out of gen/het in favorite fandom
Friend's pimpage
Realized A. two guys (or girls) in source were in love, B. It was hot and C. Wanted to watch
Other (in comments)
Don't remember

Is your current fandom on crack?


Oops. Age of *Sail*. Sorry.

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I wanted to say ST:TOS for the first slash fandom, but I didn't really know what slash was then ... I still say The Price of the Phoenix was pro-slashfic, though.

My "other" for how I found slash ... I found the SN archive and there were way more stories on the slash side, so I started reading them, and went "Oh! Other people like this, too? I thought it was just me!"

Oh, goodness.

Vulcans in jeans and cowboy hats? Spock carrying a near naked Kirk everywhere?

Purest slash.

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Duh! I didn't think to myself that this is a live action poll! *feels stupid* OK, cancel my answers.

*crawls off in shame*

(But I like Law and Order SVU slash...)

you can change them.

Click on the link to the poll page and just change your answers.

The first *story* I read was ST:TOS. A woman I worked with was taking a gender course and it was one of the assigned readings. I was all titilated and did some on-line searching. I read a lot more ST:TOS stories but I still say my first *fandom*, the fandom I joined lists for and wrote for and got really involved in, was DS.

You know, you're messing up my research. Only, not. All data are good data.

First story I read that I hadn't written was Blake's 7. This is why I said
"However you define 'first.'" Because we all have our own stories.

I got into slash because in the past I tended to have a One True Character in each of my fandoms, and happily read any kind of fic with that character in it. Also, in some of my fandoms, there hasn't been a whole lot of fic written for my preferred het ships, so if I wanted to read about, let's say Batman, I was going to have to read about him with one of the Robins, because almost no one was writing him with Catwoman or Wonder Woman.

None of this applies to my current fandom (SGA) which is the first fandom in which I would say I am truly a slasher, as opposed to an all-opportunity reader.

Which is another variation of "ran out of the other stuff", I guess.

The comics pair Bruce with Selina or Diana, so we don't have to (although I still think he has more chemistry with Harvey Dent.)

SGA. :)

I can't quite remember how I got into slash. Or at least, I can't remember *why*! I'd been seeking out and reading Buffy het (Spike/Buffy, Willow/Giles) and I know I'd vaguely seen Xander/Spike story listings and thought 'erm, no, why?'! But then I know the first story I ever read was Sidelines by Anna S (eliade) which was *right*, both in hotness and in canonability (if that's a word, which it's not!). So then I sought out more, namely Chocolatey Goodness. I think I must have been going off a recs list somewhere. So I think my answer to 'how did you get into slash fandom' is probably 'by accident'!

Nod. I'm finding this intersting. So, when you read your first slash, it was, "That's it"?

I was brought into slash with the Sith Academy. It lured me in with the hilarious crackfic, and I stayed for the slash.

Sith Academy. Oh, yeah. That would do it.

I checked "yes" for being as slash fan, but I've never been primarily a slash fan or into a source just for slash. With TS I read gen and slash equally and in my current fandoms I read gen, slash, het and even femslash as long as it's with my favorite character (less femslash because my favorite characters tend to be male).

I don't think I have a main fandom atm, and couldn't pick which one I'm most interested in from a slash angle, as that is not my main approach to any fandom, so I tried to list where I read the most slash. However, I couldn't say whether I read more HP or SGA slash currently and that those two are mostly in the lead is more because I don't read a lot of SPN incest, so that fandom is mostly gen and het for me, and other fandoms aren't not as prolific, e.g. there's just less DC slash around to read.

So noted. I suppose I could have worded it better.

"A fan of slash" perhaps?

That I can honestly remember? First slash fandom was ST:TNG...

Who and who, if I may ask?

I put Star Trek: TOS as my first slash fandom because K/S was the first slash pairing that I ever read, but the first slash pairing I ever wrote was Garak/Bashir from DS9.

That was an interesting pair. Too bad Julian dumped Garak for Miles (and really too bad Garak was given that entirely unconvincing romance with Dukat's daughter. I mean, I don't think anyone bought it.)

I got into slash by following links from some original m/m erotica.

I'd always been really into male/male friendships in literature and film, thought. The most re-read bits in my Star Trek books are those dealing with the Kirk/Spock relationship, so 'born a slasher' is not untrue, either.

Before I found slash on the web, I read stories in alt.sex.stories.motss. They were entirely unsatisfactory - no romance.

But I looked for them, too.

The answer to your question about how I started in slash fandom:

A friend of mine who wasn't really into fanfic mentioned seeing slash on the web, so I went looking for it.

Nod. My husband actually found my first webslash stories.

He still regrets it. :)

I should note that I'm not sure that Highlander was actually my first slash fandom; it might have been Sentinel. They were very close together, so I'm a bit hazy on the order in which I encountered them. :-) They were very closely following each other.

Also, while SGA is my main current slash fandom, my main fandom right now is Doctor Who involving an OT3 with two men and a woman. Take that how you will.

I also am seriously Doctor Who right now, but I don't see it as a slash fandom because I've never read a true Doctor/Jack. It's all Doctor/Rose or Doctor/Rose/Jack.

And one really good Doctor/Reinette. Yummm, TEN.

My 'other' about how I got into slash fandom, or reading slash, or, er, whatever I answered 'other' about and promised I'd explain? Er... IMO, it's the best-written stuff in my fandom, most of the time. I hope that doesn't annoy any fabulous genwriters out there. But I can't find your work! *snif*

That used to be a given - that if you wanted to be sure of good writing, you'd read the slash stories. I think it's because for a long time, slashers tended to be older than non-slashers. I don't know if that's true anymore.

SG-1 did attract some of the best of the slash writers. I know there's good gen fic out there because jonbaker reads it, but it leaves me unsatisfied.

My other for how I found slash - from a link on the TNT due South website to the old archive, Hexwood. I think the 3rd story I clicked on was slash. I went, "Oh! YES! That's it!"

Ah. You were home. :)

My first slash fandom was Star Trek: Voyager. I tripped over 'Command Performance' by Emma Woodhouse by accident not long after I first figured out how to get online, became obsessed with the story and its aliens-made-us-do-it theme, and was delighted to soon find that there was plenty more where that came from. I used to be monogamous but nowadays read in heaps of different fandoms.

My first web story was Voyager, if you recall.

Command Performance. Oh, yeah. One of the first and best on that theme.

I remember the Voyager Slash website. *sigh*

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