Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Batman Begins

I think - I'm not sure, but I think this movie was not aimed towards me. It was aimed towards my husband - the person who has a bit more familiarity with the Bat Mythos than the average person, as opposed to someone who is. Not quite obsessed, but - okay, almost obsessed. :)

Example - he had no problems with Katie Holmes' character being there. "There has to be a love interest." But there are so many people who they could have had - my choice would have been Talia Head, but Silver St. John or Sascha Bordeaux would have worked, too. Or Kathy Kane, even. I understand why Selina and Vickie Vale would be out. (And, yeah, fine. I would have preferred Harvey Dent anyway - leave him to be Two-Face in the sequel, make it more powerful.) There was no need for a new character there.

Speaking of Talia - I knew immediately who R'as Al Ghul was because with that name, he couldn't be Asian. And because I know the mythos. Bruce training with R'as may not have been canon, but I didn't actually mind it, because it does fit fairly well.

I liked the "Prince of Gotham" bit because he *is*. And that's the real love affair,and why Bruce can fill his life with friends and adopted sons and daughters, but not a lover of either sex.

I also liked that Bruce went to Princeton. Think he met Lex there?

And now I understand why there was so much Jonathan Crane stuff last summer - Cillian Murphy is very, very pretty. He's not cadeverous enough for Scarecrow - Scarecrow is very tall and skinny - but so very pretty, and again, if I didn't know who Scarecrow was, I wouldn't care.

Michael Caine, as Alfred, rules. But that would be a given.

Except what's with the "Master Wayne" business? Alfred calls him "Master Bruce" unless he's worried or angry or both, in which case it's "Bruce." He called Thomas that, too. I could be wrong here, but I'd think it would be either Master Firstname or Mr. Lastname (Dr. Lastname in Thomas's case.) It just felt off.

Morgan Freeman was Lucius.

Not as cool a car as I've seen.

Fun movie, though.
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