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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
It's as old as you are, you know.

We just compared Doctors. I've seen William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee, and all of Peter Davison, and probably most of Tom Baker, although not in any consistent order. I've seen moments of Colin Baker and fewer of Sylvester McCoy, and Patrick Traughton on in the Three Doctors and the Five Doctors, and apparently there's an eighth Doctor there.

He's seen Pertwee and Davison and Tom Baker, and more of Traughton, and enough of McCoy that he became a fan of Ace.

We've seen him be grandfatherly and childlike and innocent, and always just a bit off. We've seen him against the Master, and with other Time Lords, and in other dimensions. We've watched him gain and lose Companions and regenerate but I don't know if we watched him learn.

Until last night, we'd only seen Christopher Eccleston and Rose in, well, Rose - thanks to scheduling and Shabbat and time constraints (our cable company is offering DVRs now.) But my brother-in-law downloaded them for us, and burned a DVD and we started watching last night, on our brand new DVD (the older one can't play computer recorded discs.)

And they're not recorded in any sort of order, nor are they labeled in a way that helps at all. "Doctor_who". So we can only go through and look for signs it's not a second or third episode. We watched three last night. "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" (yeah, we began with Jack.) and "Father's Day".

This isn't any doctor we know - maybe he's a finer actor than the others. There have been tears in Doctor Who before, but not like this. And there has been anger, too, but not like this. And even with Romana II and Tom Baker, who were actually in love at the time, there has not been such tension, because somehow, I can't think of Doctor Who and sex.

Except now I can.



Well, it's also a revival of a much beloved series, only with *money* behind it now. And the short season format -- only 13 episodes -- let's them tell a very tight story.

And if the Doctor didn't change after having his entire people wiped out, no matter than he was a renegade and a misfit, it just wouldn't make sense.

Doc 9 is very much emotion-driven -- he's really a walking example of PTSD in Time Lords -- and thus his connection to his human Companions is so much more overt.

Not to mention mature writers who have grown up with the series - people in their thirties and early forties. That has to make a difference.

And television itself has changed since then (at least in the US.) We like tighter, more complex stories with threads from earlier episodes now.

The Beeb site lists the episodes in order, if you'd LIKE to watch them in the intended order.


That would be cool, but they're still not labeled on the DVD.

Ah, I misread. I thought you had filenames.

I really, really, really wish.

We're going to be stuck watching randomly.

Any way to get the episode name from the first couple of seconds, then watch them in order?

It's certainly possible (first couple of minutes, actually, what with previouslies and opening credits), but they'd have to be written down and the piece of paper not lost. :)

If I lived closer, I'd volunteer to flip through the opening minutes of each ep of your DVD so I could give you watching instructions: watch in order chapters 3 1 4 5 7 9...

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Thank you! We'll figure it out. We'll watch the series horribly out of order,but we'll figure it out.