Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Tonight's Dinner - Fajitas

Since we're about to have milchigs for at least half our meals - I have no idea what we're getting for Shabbat lunch - I made fleish for dinner.

jonbaker wanted fajitas. So it was.

I got thinly sliced "sandwich steaks" - not kosher steak umms,though. I was looking for pepper steak slices. On the other hand, these were square. I sliced them in to 1/3" strip and put them in a hot nonstick frying pan dusted with chili powder. While they cooked, I peeled three carrots and sliced them into 1/8" matchsticks (okay, I was playing, but it was fun and worked really well). I took the meat out of the pan, added oil and more chili powder, and tossed in the matchsticks. I also tooka very large green pepper and sliced it into thin strips and did the same with a yellow onion. These also went into the pan, with more chili powder and some hot pepper flakes. I put even more chili powder into the meat. When the veggies were cooked, I tossed the meat back in and added more spice.

And then I noticed that the wraps were left in the supermarket. Oh, well.

So, I put a pile of the meat/veggie mixture directly on the plate. I topped it with hot salsa, pareve "sour cream" and half an avocado doused with lime juice, and put tortilla chips around the edges. It was quite delicious.

And eating "sour cream" over meat? Very, very surreal.

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