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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yom tov approaches

Dinner tonight is one of those last minute things, so the only thing I had to cook was tomorrow's protein (I cheated. We're having salad and potato salad as sides.) There was some panic involved.

1. I needed to make an erev tavshilin. That's taking two different cooked foods and setting them aside with a blessing to use on Shabbat. In this way, I can cook on Friday for Shabbat, as it is otherwise forbidden to prepare on Yom Tov for a different day, even if that different day is that night, and I'm strict on that. And I could not think of anything besides, you know, a challah roll.

Then I hit it. Tuna. It's cooked, it's supposedly ready to eat, and I can use it to make a meal Saturday afternoon. So I took a can and a roll and said the blessing and now I'm done.

2. I couldn't find the dairy sink rack. We only have one sink, which is therefore considered treif. To keep things from touching the sink, we have flat coated racks we set on the bottom - one for meat, one for dairy. (Also, of course, two dishdrainers. ) I couldn't find the dairy sink rack, and I don't think I've cooked dairy since Pesach. I make a fair bit of pareve, but dairy tends to be what we eat out. And the stores are closed.

I finally did some real searching and there it was. Thank goodness.

The salmon steak is done. It's big enough for both of us. I baked it in a 400 oven until the top was coated with white. That means it's done. It's cooling now. Bonus - it's wild salmon.

Now to get the laundry and shower and light my pilot light candle, and I'm done. Oh, and closing the windows and putting on the AC.

I'll probably not post again today, so I wish everyone who is celebrating a joyful Shavuot, and everyone who is not, a lovely end of work week.


Did you really have to make an erev tashilin? I would imagine that _someone_ else in your community was guarranteed to make one... :-)

Kosher food

I'm a wannabe born again Jew. By that I mean, if I ever come back, I want to be born in a Jewish family. Just for the food alone. I grew up in Miami and babysat for all my Jewish lawyers neighbors. I ate Knishes, herring in sour cream sauce, and anything else leftover in their icebox that they did not have a "do not touch sign" on. I miss those Kosher bakeries. They were the best of the best. Now I live in North Florida and they would not know a decent pastry outside of honey buns even if it bit them on the tushy.