Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

So, I ran today

Here's the deal. I like running for, oh, seconds at a time. I like the feeling for those seconds - flying, you know? And I can't run slowly, I have to run fast. Running slow is *hard*.

And then I can't breathe and my leg muscles protest and I can't run anymore. I'm a sprinter for very short distances, distances measured in seconds.

But I'm supposed to run for twelve minutes in my pakua classes, and, you know, stamina is a good thing. And I saw this thing, this Couch Potato to 5K running plan.

And I did it (wrong, as it turned out) this morning. I was supposed to jog for 60 seconds and walk for ninety, only I ran for 30 and walked for 60. I still managed to do it for over ten minutes, after the brisk walking. And then I had to walk back from where I was, because I was going to do it for ten minutes and then do it back. So, not great, but not so terrible. And I did the math (on the way back, and doing math in one's head is a nice way to make walk faster) and realized that when I do it right on Tuesday morning (getting up *very* early), I'll have four sets of jog/walk before turning around. We'll see how that works. And I don't expect to progress quickly, but I do expect to progress. And, after all, I did manage nearly 50 minutes of exercise this morning, so all of it is good.

We will see.

Edited to say that I was moving - walking or running - over about 2 miles this morning, given the walk to Ocean Parkway and back. I'm. Amazed.

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