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Randomness, of a sort

1. These hate memes? I wouldn't even know about them if people didn't post about them. Because, um. They haven't brought themselves to my attention. Which is producing in me the oddest emotions.

A. Good. They're nasty things, and I don't want to see them. Just knowing they exist at all skeeves me out.
B. Am I that low on the fandom radar?
C. If someone actually hates me, I'll never know.
i. Good
ii. Shouldn't I know?
ii. I'm too low on the fandom radar to register anyway.
a. Good
b. Feels lousy

Major conflicts, you see.

2. I picked up comics yesterday, including both issues of Ion.
I'm a Kyle fan - I'm a Green Lantern fan in general, and I even like Guy, but I like Kyle a lot and I think he's been given a raw deal by the writers and fans. He replaced *Hal*, who has always been a popular hero (I'm a big fan of his as well), and who himself had been dealt with in a lousy fashion, and so he was resented. He was also given an ugly uniform, and we know what happened to his first girlfriend. And his second. And his third. And he was always treated as the "kid" by the JLA - him and Wally, but they knew Wally and they knew his uncle and so they could accept him.

But Kyle's concept - there's the thing. He never wanted to be a superhero. He never idolized them, other than normal kidstuff (what I'd assume would happen in a universe with superheroes). At most, he wanted to draw them. He was a decent guy, talented enough in his chosen field if nothing special, honest, not especially ambitious. Just a normal guy living a normal life and not really wanting anything else. And then he's handed a ring, completely randomly. He would never have been in line for a ring if the Corps were still around - he's not fearless. He's *normal*. But if he had been, he'd have had the Corps and Kilowag to train him. And, of course, he wouldn't have followed the whole Parallax thing.

Yeah, I know Alan Scott was also alone, but he's a very different man from a very different time.

So, this ordinary, normal, decent guy gets handed a ring. Not just a ring - a weapon. The most powerful weapon in the universe. And there are no others at all - there is no Corp. And there is no control - yellow doesn't bother it. And whatever he thinks of happens. And Kyle's an artist, so he has no shortage of imagination. Good thing he's a decent guy, no? Because that much power is terrifying and should be. And if he weren't a decent guy, it would be very, very bad.

But now he's supposed to be a hero. And he doesn't want to be. His life is changed in ways he can't even imagine - the secret identity thing (which he is NOT good at) for example, and the new community he's joined. And because of who he is now, his girlfriend is killed. His future girlfriends will be part of that community, and. Well.

But he's a decent guy, even in grief, and he makes the best of things. He's forced to train with the Titans and to show that he can be a hero (which is probably even more galling if you don't want to be one.) He nearly gets killed himself a number of times. And his ring is really, really powerful,and makes things happen he doesn't want. And he's still just an ordinary, decent guy.

He's not Superman, born with abilities. He's not Batman, driven, obssessed. He's not even Wally, who wanted to be a hero like his future uncle. He didn't say, "Wow, I have these powers. I get to be a superhero." He said, "I have this ring. I have to use it in the right way."

And he manages it. He learns to be a hero. He gets accepted, more or less, by the superhero community. He gets his own villains, he gets a new life in NYC, where he even gets accepted as an artist. He learns that people, like his assistant Terry, can get hurt without it being his fault. He gets extremely powerful, which scares him - he becomes Ion the first time. And he takes that power and uses it for too much good, as Superman shows him. And then he starts the Corp again, and he's not alone. He thinks. John and Guy and Hal come back, and he's just one of many. And then Donna dies and Jade dies, and now he's changing again.

He used to have the most powerful weapon in the galaxy at his control. But he lost control of his own life when he got that ring, and right now - now it's even worse. He doesn't know who he is, or what's going on, and he's immensely more powerful than he was before. And he never wanted to be a hero.

He got a very raw deal. And he's all alone again.
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