Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Ooh, I hear laughter in the rain

Today was the morning of the grand experiment - could I get up in time to do the running thing and still make it to work on time? Given my dislike of mornings, it was, indeed, a grand experiment. And - could I do it without waking the husband person?

Apparently - yes. I had a kinda bad night because I was worried, even though I had an alarm set - worried about getting up and worried about waking jonbaker. I kept waking up and checking the clock and going back to sleep. At about 6:30, I heard rain.

Canta goen for the runnen in the rainen.

So I shut off the alarm.

I woke up at about 7AM (the time for the alarm, and didn't hear rain, so I got up. I took my BG - 98. Then I put on the Flatbush running outfit (long-sleeved t-shirt, bike shorts, skirt and scarf) and headed out.

And it was drizzly. I decided that was a plus and kept going. I managed to run for 60 secs and walk for 90 secs for about 12 minutes (not counting traffic lights - I don't go to a park. I run down one of the two strips on Ocean Parkway.) Turns out that, for me, 60/90 equals about one long block.. I made it past K (four runs) and turned around, and ran once more and found I could not run any more. Maybe it was the long wait for the light on L. I don't know. I walked the rest of the way home. I was out there for about 40 minutes, all told, so that's still pretty darn good.

My BG right after? 138. It had to be the exercise.

Showered (does anything feel better than a shower after working out?), got dressed. Jonathan woke up while I was in the shower and made coffee, so there was that and breakfast (Wasa Crispbread and melted cheese and coffee) and I was out of the house on time.

I'll try this again on Friday - same proportion of running/walking, since I can clearly do that, but maybe be able to do another run. And I think I'll do the same next week until I can do all 8 of the run/walks. Then I'll move on. I'm in no hurry. (And, yeah, I was humming the Neil Sedaka song all the way there and back. It was drizzly, after all.)

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