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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Nutritionist and Geekitude (and knitting)

1. Nutritionist
I got weighed. I weigh the same as last month, but I'm visibly smaller. She said, "Don't worry about weight." She also thought my blood glucose level, average (121) was excellent. So, cool.

2. Geekitude
The other night, we were watching Mind of Mencia. Part of a sketch about Spring Break had a couple of nerdtypes meeting, with the male apparently shouting in Klingon. At least, the girl said it was Klingon, but after it was repeated, I turned to my husband and said, "That wasn't real Klingon." Which it didn't sound like. And almost immediately afterwards, Mencia looks at the camera and says, and I pretty much quote, "If you just said that wasn't real Klingon, you are a LOOOOOOOOOSER!" I die. I truly *die*. jonbaker was hysterical. (Then Mencia had a Klingon stand up, and, anyway, that he knew that there would be, um. Losers out there says he understands. Or something.) *grin*

3. Knitting
Nearly finished with the Ravenclaw scarf. Maybe I'll take a picture of it when it's done. Next project is toe-up socks. And then - eventually, I want to make a gift for my future niece. I think a pink and purple hat and mitten set for Chanukah.


*snerk* I flail with love at your geekitude.

LOL! I am going to have to watch to for that repeat! And shout at the screen "That's not real Klingon!"

As I sit here commenting, watch the MTV Movie Awards in my Mutant t-shirt- "Proud to be a Mutant" on the front & "I don't need a cure!" on the back. And, yes, I wore it out in public

Where did you find that t-shirt? More to the point, where could I find one?

In a word, eBay!!!! Just do a search for X-men Last Stand (to sort the other X-men stuff away).

But I think it may have been a promo item and some people just got a bunch. There is at least one other style, but I can't remember what right now. Too early in the morning with not enough caffiene or food.....

We have to call out "Activating!" at work when we are activating tasks on the dialer.

My delightful co-worker Comic Pirate Super yells the word in Klingon. He has his desktop set up like a TNG+ command console, as well. If only he had a touch-sensitive monitor...

Re 1: Muscle is denser than fat, so you can weigh more in a smaller size.

To such an extent that when I started at the gym they warned me "You will put weight on, but don't worry because you'll go down a clothes size"

This is one of the reasons I refuse to weigh myself. Worrying about weight will drive me nuts.

I brought that up to the nutritionist, who dismissed that as "you need to be really active for that."

Which I *am*.

I can feel the muscles changing.

That Mind of Mencia anecdote? Perfect!

Meanwhile, do you watch Stephen Colbert? He showed the picture of "the devil" CNN had been using to discuss 6/6/6 (sic) and said "It's not a devil! It's from the Tolkien Lord of the Rings calender and..."

Then he proceeded to explain exactly what the Tolkien creature was and in what ways it differs from a devil. :)


Of course I watch Stephen Colbert. Who else would give me the truth?

And we were dying over that, too. He is completely One of Us. (He's a D&D player, too.)

That was, of course, me.

Bwa ha! That's the perfect kind of geekitude.

*Gazes droolingly at your icon.*

He is attractive, isn't he? (Also, I figured he was an appropriately geeky person to have in an icon.)

Congratulations on the weight and diabetes. Keep up the good work. 121 is excellent.