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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Running Day 3: I didn't.

That is, I got up, I had water and peanut butter, and I got dressed, including finally digging out my real running shoes, as opposed to my everyday sneakers, which I had been wearing.

And I got out of the house, too. I walked the seven minutes to Ocean Parkway, I ran for sixty seconds. I walked for 90. I then...ran for thirty seconds and that was that for the running. Not that I stopped. I walked about as far as I'd run on Tuesday, and I was out for just a bit longer.

I'm not sure why I had to do that. My legs are very stiff, of course, although I do warm up first. I'm currently thinking I'm just not used to the shoes, which are cushioned but designed for superpronators like me - very stiff. Which is a good thing, but I'm not used to them. So I'll wear them more often and GET used to them.

I'm not disappointed - disappointed would be giving up entirely. I walked at a moderate pace for 35 minutes. This is *good*.


Walking is extremely good exercise and less jarring on your muscles and bones than running when you're not used to it. I think you're doing fantastic!

I know. I just want to be able to run.

I'm doing okay - I normally walk a fair bit anyway. Like many New Yorkers, I don't see the need to own a car.

Running Day 3: I didn't

YES, you did. For 90 seconds. It's not what you hoped for, but you DID run. So there :).

If this is just day 3 (and with different shoes, yet!), it's not too surprising that you're stiff and needed a break from the running - recognizing that you need to back off sometimes is a big part of making progress, even if it doesn't feel that way. Walking is a good way to get exercise, and to stretch out that stiffness.

I'm not disappointed - disappointed would be giving up entirely. I walked at a moderate pace for 35 minutes. This is *good*.

Yes. Yes it is. Good for you!

Okay, then, I did. :)

I learned to listen to my body a long time ago - I know when to push, but also when not to. This is not the time to push.

Hi, btw. :)

Oops, I de-lurked. Hi :).

Your post sparked me to comment because I've been working on giving myself credit for stuff instead of concentrating on what I didn't do. I caught myself saying "I didn't do anything today," the day "all" I did was deal with a huge, complicated and emotional financial issue. What's up with that?

I'm glad you did!

Y'know, that's something very real - focusing on what *was* done.

What would be your definition, I wonder, of "getting something done"? In my case, it's usually, "I got out of the house." I might do a lot in the house, but if I never leave it, it's a day in which nothing was done.

It varies. Usually my definition is "more than I did," which is the habit I'm trying to break :).

Getting out of the house for something besides work is good. Keeping the condition of the house from getting worse is good, improving it is even better. Doing anything away from the computer is good. Doing something for my health is good.

I think I've gotten so far behind on things that I have trouble viewing the little steps as progress. I can work really hard and still feel way behind, especially with health issues. And of course that discourages me and makes me stop working on things, so I get behind again.

This is very good.

now that I'll have a much flatter walk to transit, I'm thinking of emulating you, but I'm unsure of how to ensure that I do the 60/90 thing.

I use my watch, which has a second hand. However, I also do not have a purse or a backpack or even a fanny pack. I carry a key in my skirt pocket. I wouldn't do it with any sort of extra weight.

Proud of your progress

Hey, you're doing good! Your new shoes look great. I couldn't do what you are currently doing. I'm trying to improve my lifestyle as I had a major setback just last week. But walking slowly is all I'm capable of right now.

Keep up the good work and the walking, running will come in time!