Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Stuffs and brags

1. Walked for about 40 minutes this morning. Managed to get up and out of the house, return and have breakfast all without waking Jonathan. Also managed to shower/have coffee late enough that I took a cab to work. This was because I was reading - if I'd gotten into the shower right after breakfast, I'd have been fine.

2. The physical progress continues. There's a thing in Pakua called "The Series of Rolls and Falls." There's also a couple of kicks in there, but that's basically what it is. I do like the simple, descriptive, vernacular terms. There's less mystery but more accessibility. Anyway, it's a set series of, well, rolls and falls and the occasional kick. My rolls are improving - I can feel that, but that's *practice*. The big thing is that there is one move I could not do well. It starts from full push-up position - facing down, supported only by hands and feet. Then you cross the left leg over the right and turn the body until you're facing up, still supported by only hands and feet, and then repeat the same move. You end up facing down, two bodywidths to the right, still in push-up position. The trick is to do this without falling. I have never been able to do that.

I managed it *twice* - the full move, twice. The third time, I fell. It has to be the weightloss.

3. My boss wanted me to show the other person sharing my job how to do some things - type a letter in Word, look up a number in the Do Not Call List and enter a listing to certain service.

Adam is a nice guy, and fairly bright. But his first language is NOT English, he's never used these programs *and* he's not young. His son has been known to fill in for him. Also? He can't spell Brooklyn. He saw the name Robertson and assumed the name was Robert San. Fortunately, it's not likely he'll be doing any of these things, and boss proofreads the letters. (He could theoretically type them himself as he has Word on his own machine, but...)

4. I did some more knitting on the scarf last night. The size 9 circulars and worsted felt huge. One more stripe to go! Then it'll just be the socks.

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