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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
This worked for kadymae...

Far too many of you are ill or hospitalized or having surgery.

This has got to stop. NOW. None of you are allowed to have that happen for at least the next six months.

*Nods emphatically*.


yes, Mamele....

i promise.

Eve & Co.

I shall hold you to it.

Yes, Mama!

Good tongue!

I promise to minimize my exposure to hospitals and doctors, as soon as they figure out WTF is wrong.

Honest. *does the Girl Scout salute*

You get an exemption - but they have to find out they missed something easy and curable.

(Or so I'm praying.)

Hee! Duly noted; I shan't do it again soon.

(That said, if you could find the time/space to say a mi shebeirach this week -- רחל בת מאיר ולאה -- I would appreciate it a lot...)

Rachel bat Leah? Not a problem (actually, already done, but I'll add it to the list on Shabbat, too.)

Thank you so much. I appreciate this a lot, as I imagine you know.

Well, uhm, I don't plan to see the specialist in the next six months…