Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Finished object - Ravenclaw scarf

My first major project, done.

I used the atypically.knit Hogwarts scarf pattern.


Ravenclaw scarf on me

I used the Encore wool for the Book Ravenclaw colors - delft blue (#0517) and cognac (#175 - and the pattern recommended size 8 16" circulars. This was my first time using circular needles. It took me four months, including a month off.

I did NOT knit a test swatch (first major project, and, anyway, scarf), so I did not know until I was nearly done that I was getting 4 stitches/inch instead of 5.

Modification - Instead of 19 stripes, ten blue and nine cognac, I knit 9 blue and 8 cognac. This is because I was running out of blue yarn, and I needed enough for fringe. Since I'm short, it's certainly long enough. Also, 374 rounds of stockinette over the course of four months is enough. :)

This is the scarf without me:

Draped Scarf

Close up of the stitches. I knit through the back loop for the whole scarf.

scarf detail

And much thanks to my husband, jonbaker, for the photography.

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