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Dr. Who spoilers

I'm using this icon as my default because the one I'd rather use seems to...not be there. I'll reupload it when I get home.

So we finally saw all thirteen episodes and they were, well mindblowing. It's a season of death and redemption, of second chances, of how rare and wonderful it is that, in the middle of a war, *nobody* dies. And that that's the fate of heroes, even if they're cowards, even if they get brought back to be left behind. And he wasn't the 4th Doctor nor the 5th, the ones I knew best. The innocence, both actual and sexual, seemed to be gone.

The Doctor has cared for, even loved, his Companions before, but he was never in love with them. He was in love with Rose, and he might have been in love with Jack had he been around longer. But Jack was in love with him and with Rose, and Rose was in love with the Doctor and and there was room for Jack, too, because he got it. Unlike poor Mickey.

Because, yeah, those kisses from Captain Jack? Were sweet and sad and lovely, and absolutely not a surprise to either Rose or the Doctor. What that meant behind the scenes - I can guess and maybe write about, but it doesn't matter if it didn't happen.

It's that the thing we feared - Bad Wolf - was not bad - it was Rose, and it's always been Rose, who has always been strong and free and beautiful, and never needed protection. Wow.

(On a different note - MI-5 Margaret? Looks *exactly* like Umbridge. And Margaret got a second chance, too, didn't she?)

Wow. David Tenant has to follow this? Wow.

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