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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Bragging, just a bit

I went out today in hopes that the local yarn shop would be open.

It wasn't. It had, in fact, just closed.

But, since I was there, and I am going to a wedding next Sunday, I decided I might as well get the new suit I need - my old "simcha" suit is no longer wearable. Last time, I had to take in the skirt with safety pins and the jacket felt like a tent. Also, it's three years old, and I'm a bit bored with it.

I went to a boutique and the saleswoman gives me a *size 16* suit to try on.

It fit me like it was made for me - not just the sleeves or the hem, but the jacket - it didn't pull when I brought my arms together in front, it didn't ride up, it buttoned with me sucking in breath. I could move in it. But, when I looked in the mirror, I looked - not a lump, not a roll, just a long, smooth line. Elegant. And I could breathe in the skirt, too.

And, you know. Size 16. The last suit I bought? Size 22.

(Not to mention, 1/2 off and it'll still fit for Rosh HaShanah. Even if I lose more weight, I should get another year's wear out of it.)


Mazel Tov! That's wonderful.

Thank you! It's so strange, you know?


I just put on my size 18 4th of july skirt, and I know that joy/weirdness.

I'm really proud of you!

Isn't it amazing? And weird?

The same for you - it's so cool.

Mazel Tov on the size 16! And on the shape you are getting into!

Thank you. I wish it weren't necessary, but as it is, I'm glad it's working.



:) Thank you!

Fantastic. What a great feeling.

It's a strange feeling is what it is. But I'm glad to get real proof it's all working.

Congrats on your weight loss!

What an icon :)!

Thank you!

Yes, Dudley is my weight loss icon :)

Yeah for you!!! That is wonderful.

Thank you!

Wow! :D

Yeah, I know.

It makes it real.

:) hoorah!


The Pakura is doing it, I swear!

Your blood pressure and everything else must be so good right now

Re: WOW!

Pakua. Walking. The diet. The pills. All of it, I think.

I know my BG is good. The rest I'll find out at the end of the month when I see my doctor.


Thank you!

Yaay! on the smaller size!!!! Considerably smaller size!

[does smaller clothes dance!]

*Dances with you*

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thank you!

I see the nutritionist tomorrow. We'll see what she says.

Congratulations! Excellent news. I'm so glad everything you've changed has made such a difference.

Thank you!

Congratulations! In this case, shrinkage is a very good thing.