Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Ferry boat ride

Every year, on the closest Thursday to the 4th of July, the local NY chaotic fan group meets at the Manhattan terminal of the Staten Island Ferry and rides across and back - and often does it again. There is pizza and guitars. Some years, there's a large crowd, some years it's smaller.

This year was on the small side, I think, and we spent the first leg inside with the pizza (Jonathan and I had eggrolls) and enough people left after the one round trip that we decided to organize for a dinner mission instead. The concensus was to go to a kosher, vegetarian Indian place called Madras Cafe.

We took over the back of a bus and sang, to the delight of the lady who happened to sit with us and thought we were a folk group.

The restaurant had less than ideal service - one person never got his second dish, for example, and we had to nag for drinks - but the food was amazing. I tasted a lot of what people had, and all of it was good. Since I hadn't had pizza and only one eggroll, I was hungry. I ordered mulligatawny soup - theirs was lemony, and subtly spicy - and saag panir, or spinach and cheese. I figured high in protein and low carb. Very yummy.

We then shared a cab home with an interesting person - she hangs out with fans, plays games with fans, treats us to dinner (we actually paid, but it was optional) and even dates/marries fannish men - she likes us. But she's NOT a fan. She doesn't read or watch or whatever any of our interests, she doesn't have the mindset or the problems of fitting in general society that most fen (and I do include myself here - I had to learn how to dress and talk to non-fen. It was an effort for both those things) face.

Lovely evening, all told.
Tags: fandom

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