Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Not a great yesterday; A better today

Sometime after lunch yesterday, I felt ill - nauseated, in fact. Made it rather difficult to concentrate, even to finish the minor bits of work I had to finish. I thought it might have been lunch (a relatively small amount of tuna salad on a very fluffy white roll) giving me a spike (my bg monitor is at home, so I couldn't check.) Or the coffee I'd had. So I had some peanut butter, hoping a shot of protein would help.

It did, but only for a short while. Later, I had some water - a major and difficult feat because, well, getting it down wasn't easy. But it did help for a short time. This wasn't, then, blood sugar. I had no fever, or headache, and my sinuses didn't hurt.

Acid, then. Which would be why the coffee made it hurt more. Okay, the way to deal with that is to keep the stomach from getting too empty. Not easy when the thought of eating was unpleasant. However, I knew that salty carbs would do the trick. So I bought a bag of corn chips, figuring that way I'd get whole grains and something reasonably nutritious. Actually, I got chili-lime chips, because, hey. I might as well get something that tastes really good. I ate about half, slowly, on my way home from work, and as long as I was eating, I was fine. I did not feel like making supper, much less going to Pakua, so Jonathan picked stuff up on the way home (I got wonton soup and an eggroll. Wonton soup - chicken broth, salt, ginger. Wonderful stuff for an unhappy tummy.) Before then, I drank some more and had some tums.

So I was feeling a bit better by the time I went to sleep.

It helped that I finished my Reversathon story, which was bothering me. I'd written it mostly on my pda (I love my Tungsten C, and I will be sad when I will not be able to use it anymore. I hope that's years in the future), but I finished it on my desktop, and we will see.

It also meant I could start knitting again (I'd promised myself no more knitting until the story was done.) And I watched Hell's Kitchen for the first time. Wow. Cool show.

On the other hand - we also got some very bad news. Two of our friends have each lost a parent this week. (And they're mutual friends as well, so they'd normally pay calls on each other but now they can't.) One funeral already happened; the other one is tomorrow. Which means that Jonathan has to choose which minyan to go to. Baruch dayen emet.

Okay, I need some good news. Can't end on a negative note. I'm feeling much better this morning. And I'm starting to itch to make a sweater. How hard can it be?

Ah. I have it. Last night, Jonathan went to a class taught by R'Wickler, the one with the magazine.

He liked what I wrote. He thought it was different - experiential rather than descriptive, but his wife, who edits that sort of thing, thought it was very good. He wants to see more.

I'm thinking about writing a piece about stews in general.

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