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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Who is Donna Troy?

Yesterday, when I went back to the comic book store that is local to where I work, not to where I live to pick up the bank card I'd left there (prior to losing my nice umbrella, but that's okay, because I had a backup), I decided to make the trip more worthwhile by checking out the trade paperbacks.

And there it was - New Teen Titans. Who is Donna Troy?

80s comics - costumes are getting scanty but even Kory isn't overbalanced, and Victor is made to sound less educated than the others, and when it begins, Dick is Robin, and then he's in the Disco Nightwing outfit, and it takes a few pages to get used to the flat colors. Not to mention Joey's uniform.

But they're not using the hero names - they ARE Donna and Gar and Vic and Kory and Dick, even in costume. (Raven is just Raven anyway - and I still don't know why Kory would have a hero name. It's not like she can have a secret identity.)

This trade is about Donna Troy - first, the time before her wedding when Dick helped her find out who her biological and first adoptive parents were, then her wedding, then a new discovery of who she was because Donna was one of those most damaged by the Crisis on Infinite Worlds.

As in, in the original, Wonder Woman rescued her from a burning building, but that was no longer possible because Donna was with the Titans *before* Diana came to "Man's World." Uh. Yeah. See the problem? And they managed to barely make a convoluted story fit by giving her false memories of growing up on Themiscryra.

(Oh, sidenote - Wonder Girl (no name yet) appeared out of nowhere in 1965 to become one of the Teen Titans. There was no hint she existed until that story, and there she was just another daughter of Hippolyta, except she could fly. At that point, Wonder Woman could only catch air currents. She never was Diana's sidekick. I was somewhat surprised to learn this, since when she showed up in that story in my Teen Titans Showcase, it seemed like Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash knew who she was.)

So. Convoluted story that ends with her changing her rather classic and elegant red jumpsuit for this ungapotchqed thing - fortunately she changed it again to an equally classic and elegant starfield jumpsuit that actually had a high neck.

And that leads me to my big shock - the wedding issue. It was mostly cute - teen-age Gar doing all the arrangements for this extravaganza of superheroes, friends, colleagues and family, the interactions between them all, even a visit from "Mom".

The shock was the clothes the bridal party, including the bride, wore. There it was - a huge panel of the women and girls getting ready - and it shows Kory *fully clothed.* By which I mean she wore, as they *all* did, a full-length, long-sleeved, high-necked dress. We saw face and hands (and that hair.) Even the times I've seen Kory in civies, she wasn't so modest. I was so shocked, it didn't register that this was true of even the bride (not to mention the Maid of Honor, but I have seen Diana fully covered before.)

My goodness, a bride with sleeves! With covered shoulders and back! I haven't seen that in anything but Orthodox weddings in years, whether in real life or fictional, let alone a comic book where most of the women wear, at best, glorified bathing suits. Except, of course, for Donna.

Oh. In character, then. Cool.


If I remember the story correctly, Wonder Girl's appearance in continuity was a big mistake. One writer essentially created the character either in an "imaginary" story or to be Diana as a little girl (in the same way there were tales of Superbaby or Superboy). Then another writer, putting together a group of teen heroes, saw that a Wonder Girl "existed" and just plopped her into the book.

Well, that makes sense, then. I know there was a "Wonder Tot" to balance "Superbaby", but a teenager WW would also make sense for a one-off.

But such an origin would explain why her continuity never did make sense.

Doesn't work for the Hawks, of course, but you can't have everything.

Well, I did a lot of googling and discovered that you are, of course, correct. Apparently, they wouldn't let Wonder Woman do anything interesting in the fifties (wouldn't be ladylike)*but* Marsden's will stated that DC could only keep WW if they never canceled her title.

But a *teen-age tomboy* could do all sorts of things, so they created a series (often not labeled) of "Impossible Tales" featuring Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl and Queen Hippolyta (who apparently was a widow) way back in the early days of Paradise Island. Princess Diana even had a Mer-Boy as a boyfriend (and a Bird-Boy, too.) And she watched her grown-up self have adventures, and there were even a few teamups with the whole Wonder Family using time travel. With the stories NOT being labeled as Impossible Tales, and the personalities of the younger selves being much stronger than the one permitted Wonder Woman, it actually makes sense that when Bob Haney wanted a girl for his Teen Titans, he'd use her.

The letter columns for the first four years of the Titans actually insisted she *was* the younger incarnation of WW, but that didn't fly. That's when she chose to be Donna Troy.

Origins? HAH!

Oh yeah. I have the originals of those. The first Who Is Donna Troy was a great story, and it was one of the first things to occur to me had gotten really messed up by Crisis (along wih the backstories to all of Infinity, Inc. and the fact that they killed off my beloved Huntress *sob*)

I really miss wedding dresses and prom gowns with sleeves. The kids wear glorified lingerie these days. I like my prom gowns (one was ivory lace with long sleeves and high neck over a sleeveless ivory satin underdress, the other was long sleeved but low-cut ivory with a midnight blue panel of velvet down the front) so much better. Alas, I was a size 13 back then, so Kathy can't wear them.

Those sound lovely.

Okay, prom dresses were often a girl's first strapless formal, but they were clearly prom dresses for teen-age girls, not evening gowns.

And while I understand on some level the sexy wedding gowns (and why is "sexy" now the be all and end all of fashion - I'm not saying it shouldn't *a* goal, but why must it be *the* goal?), I've seen some lovely wedding gowns clearly meant for adult women that were still modest.

browngirl points out that Kory wore such a dress to her own wedding, too, but it got torn off by crazy-Raven.

Also, I wore a long-sleeved dress to my wedding. Not high-necked, though; the V ended about an inch above my cleavage. See icon. :)