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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Maybe size does matter?

Here are the things to keep in mind.

1. We do not have a car.
2. The bedroom tv sits on a 4.5 foot bookcase double loaded with books.
3. There's also the cable box, the (ancient) VCR and the DVD player to consider.
4. We have both have eyes that have passed their 40th birthdays and were none too good before then.
5. It was hot.

The old tv was 14". It was a tad tricky but we could balance the dvd player and the cable box on top fairly well. It also barely fit on top of the bookcase. However, even before the input connector broke off *inside* the tv, we were having problems seeing things in the screen bugs. We were doing a lot of squinting. We'd found a pretty much exact copy of the tv (different make, but the same basic size and shape) for about $80 at an electronics chain we could get to by subway, though, so we decided to get that.

Took until 2PM to get out of the house on Sunday, but that's fine. The store is located in Atlantic Center Mall, which is, despite a Macys, a downscale mall - the big anchor store is a Target, and there's a supermarket. It's about a 20 minute subway ride, on a line not far from our house.

Given the general size and shape of tvs these days (no more square chassis), I thought we'd find a low shelf unit that could hold the various boxes attached to the tv, but no. The only one we found was too large.

So we moved from Target to Circuit City and went to the tv section and realized that we could get a decent, name brand 16" tv with a flat front for about $50 more. And so, we bought it. We also bought me a Sandisk Sanso 512mg mp3 player for when I start walking again (which will happen when we're under 80F in the mornings.) We already have a couple of filk cds in it. I seriously don't expect to need that much space. Jonathan has a larger version for music and lectures. And we'd had the foresight (okay jonbaker had the foresight, but I didn't argue with him) to bring a luggage carrier with us. So we got the tv and began to drag the huge box over the mall.

1st stop - we needed iron-on transfer paper for that wedding canopy square that's now way, way, WAY overdue. So I sat with the box and my knitting (I'm knitting the leg now - yay!) while Jonathan went to Office Max. A lady walked by and said that I'd need a cab to take that box home, and I agreed.

Then I ran into the supermarket to get veggies for dinner. There was a self-check out and I so much wanted to try it but the zucchini confused it. And just as I was about to pay for the veggies, Jonathan called - seems his future sister-in-law and her daughter were shopping in the Target. So I went back on box watching duty while he found them. I began to get impatient, but they showed up before my arbitrary time limit for nagging him, and then my brother-in-law showed up to drive them home, and we arranged to meet for dinner. (There being no reason why I couldn't cook those veggies tonight instead.)

We got into a cab from the line in front of the supermarket, and that was a mistake.

NO air conditioning.

And then he chose a very reasonable route from the mall to our house, except turns out there was a street fair. We didn't move at all. It was awful (when the car moved, it was bearable.) And it cost us a fair amount, too - car services charge flat rates, but I tipped him more than usual, since it was NOT his fault and he did get us to the house at a reasonable rate once we got past the traffic.

TV sat in our living room as Jonathan figured out that the red line on the transfer paper was already there to show he was printing on the wrong side, instead of a mistake from our own printer.

Dinner was pleasant - Zoe, being four, didn't actually eat, but did play nicely with a cute little creativity set - little shaped flat pieces of rubber she could arrange and (temporarily with a normal glue stick) glue into position. She was so much better behaved than the other kids in the restaurant, but they were in a group and she was not. Still, once she stopped whining and started playing she was fine.

And then came the installation of the tv. This entaled discovering that while it did, indeed, over hang the VCR, it was still well-supported, and we could sort of balance the DVD and cable box over it.

It's in a huge silver case, for the bigger speakers.

Then we had to discover that the little green light means "standby", not "on" as we'd expect. And connect and reconnect, and call the cable company to program the remote for that tv, and realize that our VCR is so old that that we can't find the appropriate codes for the remote online anymore. And then we realized we didn't have the vcr hooked up correctly anyway, so we had to change that.

But. It's huge. And the picture is gorgeous. And we can read the text on screen with no problems. And we can manage with a VCR remote that won't handle the tv. So, it's all good.


It's so interesting to see how important relativity is. My t.v. is...um...27" and it seems just right (but then again, my eyesight is even worse than yours *g*)

I'd love to have room for a tv that size.

Possibly when lcd screens go way down in price.

Which *will* happen.

See, mine's just a regular old fat t.v....but I don't think I paid more than $200 or so for it.

We discovered that size matters after we got surround sound. This is sort of like replacing the carpet and then needing new drapes. We could *hear* the Titanic sinking, but sort of wondered why they called it that. We trembled as the big scary dinosaurs roared and stomped, then laughed when they turned out to be teeny-tiny things. Major explosions that now shook the house were tiny *poofs* on screen.

That surround sound system turned out to be really expensive :).

Yes, I can see that. We just want to watch Arthur in the morning. :)

Having lots of remotes is a pain.

BUT - having one remote that controls several boxes is also a pain. There are only so many buttons on a remote - some of them do different things - to different boxes - in different modes. One is frantically pushing buttons wondering why the VCR won't respond when one realizes that one has asked the DVD to strip the disk (OK - you can't really do that - but we have fouled up some recording attempts thinking we were doing something else)

So. Our TV remote does control some other things (and has gotten us into trouble that way - usually by turning off or changing the channel on the cable box, which it also controls) but we put up with several remotes because they all look different and when we push a button on one of them we are pretty sure which box ought to be responding. :<)

Congratulations on your better vision.

Yeah - we have the occasional universal, but most of the time they just don't have the functionality of the dedicated one. The tv one does the closed captioning, which makes watching shows with a number of accents or strange verbiage, such as Docter Who, Firefly, West Wing (just because they speak so *fast*)much easier, but most of the time we prefer simply using the cable remote.

Even so. There are seven remotes in our bedroom right now, including two "universal" ones, and the one for the old tv which we should just discard.

and the one for the old tv which we should just discard.

I admit: there's something to that. :<)

Size also matters for

Obvious corollary: computer monitors. For those of us getting older, it is time to push more of the computer budget into bigger monitors rather than bigger/faster boxes *. Fortunately, the manufacturers have been helping us out in recent years.

*our reflexes can't match the faster ones, anyway :<(