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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Bored, indeed

For reasons having to do with both weather and the fact that a significant portion of Queens has been without power (may that be remedied as soon as possible), my office has no net access at all. There was a thunderstorm on Friday that fried the modem, and because they're located in Queens and all the repairwork for the power systems damaged *their* main cable, it might take over a week to get service.

So I had nothing to do - not my real work and not the stuff I do for the long periods of time when I have no work. I played (and lost) a lot of spider solitaire. I did get something to do - a very boring and useless task but still better than endlessly losing at spider solitaire, so I was happy to get it. But that happend at 4:15. *Sigh*

I would have read or knit had either been acceptable. I would have written but I don't want to save fic onto my work computer and I had no way of sending it anywhere without email or net access.

Better to look up phone numbers.


Unless it would make your IP guys at work go spare, you might consider investing in a thumb drive. They're small enough to fit in your pocket and the 256K ones are pretty cheap (Best Buy online has one for $17.99 if you don't mind it having a college logo on it).

The only reason I don't have one for file transfers between this computer and Baby is that I already had Compact Flash cards and a reader for my digital camera, so I could just use that.

What IP guys? :)

No one would ever know, I'm sure. But we'll get back online soon enough.
We kind of have to - our database is offsite.

Thumb drives are nice, though. If bringing in outside data devices weren't (quite justifiably, as getting onto our system gives you access to the SSA mainframe) a firing offense at my job, I'd probably have one to plug into my computer there.

And at $18, it's well within the 'impulse buy' range. To me, anyway.

I'm glad to hear that your power isn't out, both at work and at home. I just can't believe it's taking ConEd so long to restore power to Queens. It's like something out of post-Katrina New Orleans, without the anarchy.