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All my life is random

A couple of weeks ago, when we bought the new tv, we also bought me a SanDisk Sansa. I put some filk albums on it for walking, but it's the Nine Days now, and I'm less comfortable listening to even recorded music intentionally at this point (unintentional I'm not worried about - I'm watching tv, for example.)

Fortunately, there is the spoken word. I have a series of lectures about Evolution now (with the amusing bit in the intro lecture on how Jews (and Christians and Muslims) consider the Creation story in Genesis to be "gospel" - um. No. Not even necessarily in the way he actually means.) And I just grabbed a couple of slash podcasts, too. I have a doctor's appointment, and I always have to wait. Now I have something to listen to while knitting. Note - listening is NOT my preferred mode by any means, *but* I do get more if my hands are busy at the same time, so this is a win/win.)

We're also going out to dinner tonight, for my father-in-law's (bli ayin ha-ra) 85th birthday. Here I must note that, thank God, he's in excellent health. He has bad hearing - gone in one ear, hearing aid in the other - because of both physical problems and years of playing trumpet in orchestras - and his short term memory isn't what it was but that's about it.

We're going to Abigael's, which is a steakhouse, but since it IS the Nine Days, it'll have a pareve/fish menu instead. This is a concession to us, because while my inlaws are also avoiding meat and my brother-in-law is a fish/vegetarian (and his future stepdaughter has no say, being four . His fiancee is not joining us at all.), none limit themselves to kosher restaurants. That is, they will eat non-meat (actually, my father-in-law will eat non-pork) and non-shellfish anywhere.

Jonathan is preparing a sort of siyyum to justify the festive gathering.

Alsok, and without spoilers - I nearly cried three times while reading this week's comics. Once for the treatment of a character, once for a memorial and once for a surprise. That's rare. I'll post a spoiler entry later, I think.
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