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Comics this week

Major spoilers; some tears
Interesting bunch of comics this week. Three of them nearly had me crying.

52 #12
What got me here was Captain Marvel sitting on the Rock of Eternity, and Black Adam calling him "Billy", driving it home that he might look like like a man in his thirties, and he might have the wisdom of Solomon, but he's really just a 16 year old boy. It was played for laughs, which I hated because it's a tragedy. This is not a job for a teenager, no matter how strong or powerful or wise or good. I wanted to hug him and make someone else do the job. I think they'll find someone. I hope so. It had me tearing up a little.

So did the scenes with Ralph and Cassie. They both lost someone dear to them, and they wanted them back. And the scenes with Question and Renee - well, it's a shame she's gay with that gorgeous naked man in her apartment...:)

Birds of Prey #96
Black Alice as Goth!Wonder Girl. Now, that's a look. I'm not really sure where this is going, and I'm wondering who the person in the final panels is. I do know that they could cut down the cheese cake just a little. That really wasn't appropriate day time wear. And Ted's memorial? Tears.

Batman #655
So. Gotham is boring. All the real bad guys are locked up. And Batman needs to polish his Bruce mask a little, but. Hey. Here's Talia. And look. Someone's been reading "Kingdom Come." Let's hope they don't call him "Ibn" because that's just stupid.

Okay, this nightmare seems to be over, and Jason's gone. Let's see what happens next.

Supergirl #8
Okay, ignoring the boobs on the cover - not an easy task - this wasn't bad. I liked how it tied into World's FinestSuperman/Batman, with Saturn Queen turning up so we know it's an AU. I hope it's an AU. But still - why *am* I reading this?

Action #814
I don't tend to read the Supes books, but this was Busiek. And it was very good. I like the exploration of the fact that he was gone for a year and what it all means. Very nice.

JSA Classified #14/JLA Classified #25
That's the order in which I read them. Big mistake because, honestly, JSA followed JLA. I did like that these special issues were connected, and I very much liked learning about the Detroit League, something I knew very little about - all those *kids* - and then seeing the grown up versions of Vixen and Gypsy trying to help Courtenay. Very nice.

Daredevil #87
*Sob* at the end, but happy. I was genuinely surprised - so much so that I won't spoil it here. It was that good. And, well. I don't know what's going in the rest of the Marvel Universe, but I have a feeling it doesn't matter here.

Astro City Special
Yeah. This was good - but then, Busiek. But also - it's a a classic - best friends (really) and greatest enemies. Like Maxwell Smart and Seigfried. Or Clark and Lex. The only ones worthy to fight. I like Infidel - he
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