Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


roadnotes said she liked these. I'm glad.

We haven't had meat of any sort since Saturday afternoon, other than fish because of the Nine Days. And we're feeling the lack of iron. (BTW - if any of you full or parttime vegetarians who read this have any tips about getting sufficient dietary iron on such a diet, I'd be interested.) And jonbaker, at least, has been taking his daily iron supplements.

But somehow, after last week and with all the heat, neither of us want beef, either. So. That went into my meal planning.

Whole wheat challah
Chopped liver with red onion
Baked chicken
Spinach kugel
Potato kugel

The same, only cold.

(Not feeling overly ambitious, either - I bought the liver and the potato kugel.)

I've been wanting to serve more appetizers with Shabbat dinner. It makes it nicer.

Soon enough, I'll set the lights, make coffee, shower. I'm taking it easy right now.
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