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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Blog post

I wrote something about Nine Days cookery on my blog.

(BTW, are posts like these annoying or useful?)

To clarify - I don't mean the subject of the blog post, I mean posts pointing to a blogpost being annoying or not.


I'm not that interested in the topics of your other blog, but in general I find it useful if I can keep with external blogs people maintain via LJ, since I dislike juggling a whole bunch of additional RSS readers. Anyway I don't mind announcements. Or you could make a LJ feed from your blog that people can subscribe to. That way you wouldn't need announcements in your own LJ.

Someone made a feed for me.


And I assumed most people wouldn't be interested, which is why the separate blog. I haven't announced most of the posts I've made there.

Ah -- there you are, then. :)

Wow, I was just about to ask you if there was one.

I find these types of posts very interesting. I friended you because of these types of posts and I didn't even realize until recently that I've actually read some of your fan fiction.

To clarify - are posts pointing to the blog annoying?

And...*g*. I'm flattered anyway.

No, there aren't annoying at all.

Kay. Thank you.

posts pointing to the blog are not annoying at all to me as I generally enjoy the opportunity to learn a bit. if time/inclination is not there, I just scroll on and don't click the link, but usually I appreciate the opportunity.

Thank you.

I'm not sure.

Which is not to say that I'm annoyed by them -- but it might make more sense to just make a synidication feed for to the rss feed for it (ie, http://mamadeb.wordpress.com/feed/).

BTW, it looks like half the "RSS Feed" link on the blog points to the wrong URL -- is that correctable?

a. I don't mind pointers.

b. My first reaction to the link to "your blog" was "wait, isn't this your blog?" And I even knew you had another one. Foolish me.

c. How do you decide what to post where? It looked like most of the other posts were knitting related, so I'm a bit surprised that this piece was there.

d. Interesting post (I'm being lazy and commenting here rather than there).

All knitting goes there, except for questions and finished objects.

And I figured long cooking essays might work there as well.

Thank you.

I'm more interested in the cooking things than the knitting (not that I don't applaud anyone's creativity with sticks and string, but as a whole blog topic, it's not as interesting to me.).

See, that's what I figure.

Everyone at least eats. Not everyone plays with sticks and string.

Of course Everybody Eats. (The book I thought of first, though, was about another thing everyone does.)

I've played with sticks and string, but somehow using a hook and string is more intuitive to me. I just make things up as I go along rather than following patterns, though, so I tend to like seeing pictures more than having descriptions.

I don't mind pointers. I hadn't realized that you had another blog, and I'm planning to read it now, as I'm interested in the knitting, and love reading about your cooking.

If you want, at some point, to expand more on developing a repetoire of meals, I'd be interested to hear what you had to say.

I am planning on doing that.

I will continue to write short things about particular meals *here*, btw. It's the longer things I'll post there.

Posts pointing to a blogpost are fine by me. I have yet to subscribe to your other blog, as I do not knit and tend not to be especially interested in knitting whatnot, but I'm happy to have the chance to read your thoughts on kosher cookery. :-)

This is what I thought. Knitting is less universal than cooking - even kosher cooking.

I started the knitting blog for another reason, but since I had it, I wanted to use it (as opposed to namesquatting on Vox.)

Generally speaking: Either I'm interested in such a pointer, or I can ignore it.

Now, if someone's LiveJournal started being composed entirely of such pointers and there was no explanation of what topic was being pointed to, that might annoy me.

I seriously doubt this lj will ever turn into that. The blog is specialized; this is not. And I do not intend to post links to any post that says, "Oh, dear. I ripped back the shawl again."


I appreciate them, particularly when you give a brief description of the post.

Thank you.

I couldn't imagine not including a description.

Pointers are not annoying.

Pointers are particularly good when they include a brief description (as you did) and/or the linked posts are not typical for the other blog. E.g., if the other blog is about knitting, posting a pointer to every knitting entry might be overkill if people can subscribe via RSS. However, those of us who don't follow knitting but are interested in cooking benefit from the pointer.

It seems we have reached a consensus - pointers are fine so long as they say what they are pointing to, and better if they're something more interesting to most people than knitting.

This is what I needed to know. Thank you.

Well, I wouldn't characterize it as "more interesting than knitting" -- more like "not the content you would otherwise expect there". :-)