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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Spoilers for "Sateda"

Just rewatched it.


That was my major impression - adorable interspersed with action scenes and Ronan flashbacks (and didn't he look adorable in that little vest and white shirt, too?)

John, especially, was at his most dorky through out. He does seem like the eternal optimist, balanced by Rodney's pessimist. And maybe that's on purpose. So long as one of them is worried, he doesn't have to be.

And, yes, he was indeed staring at Ronan's fine, fine seat when he said things were looking up. And who could blame him?

Then getting on the floor to talk to Rodney and making the bad jokes because Rodney expected the bad jokes and why disappoint him? So cute, even in the leather jacket of hotness.

And I don't need to say anything about his little talk with Teyla, do I? Except - he singled Rodney out. Yeah, it was in a teasing sort of way, but that's their relationship. It was adorable. Nor his counting coup and lying, or blaming Teyla when he didn't shoot the Wraith...so cute all the way.

And then there was Rodney and his colors and horses and wondering where his officer type with the messy hair was (not to mention the pretty girl and the caveman - so cute when high. I didn't exactly mind John helping him back to the stargate, either.

And then there was that conversation with Carson. Which was, in fact, the same conversation John had with Teyla. Why was he there for someone he doesn't have anything in common with? As Carson said, if they were brothes, they each got the genes the other one didn't get. Answer? Ronan's family, and Rodney, as much as John, would do anything for any member of that family. As would Carson, as it turned out. Which is why they fought over that gun like brothers. And why Carson killed the Wraith.

It was not the slashiest of episodes, but it was definitely the one that showed them all the closest. And it was just...sweet.

And John so got Rodney those shorts when they were on Earth. :)


I heart that episode to pieces!

I think this is the ep that Dan Payne was talking about this past week in VanGroovy. The name sounds familiar... Was he in it by chance?

According to IMDB, he was.

Yeah, then that's the one he talked about. He was trying to talk about it without giving away any spoilers, as it hadn't aired yet when he was onstage.