Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Not doing well at grown-up

I'm trying. I'm really trying, but...

Okay, Jonathan is safely at his parents, and has been since 4PM last night. He also called me at 11:20 (after the Daily Show opening segment, and while his parents were watching their weather reports.)

As for me - I was reluctant to go home (even though I always go home to an empty apartment.) I went to Barnes and Noble and got Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks, plus a Vogue Knitting and Barbara Ehrenreich's Bait and Switch . Then I took the train home and had Chinese for dinner. I was good - half of it is my lunch today.

The rest of the night, I knit and watched television, except for a half hour when I went online to answer comments. And my intention was to stop knitting and read for a bit before going to sleep at around midnight.

You know. Like a responsible grown-up. Except- I didn't.

And then I was tired and I made a *really* dumb mistake, and because of the *really* dumb mistake, I stayed up until 2AM. I'm working on a wrap with a 4 line pattern - ABCD. And for some reason, I purled a row C when I should have done a row A, and I didn't realize it until I started the next and it was clear I should be on D, not B. Which meant I had to unknit (or "tink") the entire row I had just done, while trying to preserve the yarn over/decrease pattern of the row below that. Pitsky work. Now, I could have just put the project down at that point.

But no.

I had to not only rework, properly, the row I'd done wrong, I also had to knit the next one just to feel complete. And then I had to pick up my sock and make a tiny mistake in that, and not be able to correct it. At which point, it was 2AM, and I realized that this was stupid, and I put the sock down, mistake intact. And then I read for a page or so and tried to go to sleep.

Because, you see. The room was far too quiet. The night had cooled enough that the ac had gone off, and there was no husband person on the other side of the bed snoring away. Or, you know, at all. I did sleep eventually, but woke up at seven.

And I didn't get to make coffee for myself, either. I did the other things I had to do - I *have* to eat breakfast now (my latest one is Special K (2/3 cup) and soy milk because I'm not good with cow's, with a sprinkling of nuts and/or fruit) and got the bus to work. Only it came late. And so did my subway connection.

I was late enough that I decided I might as well buy a cup of coffee on the way in. And then no one was there, so *that* gamble paid off.

I'll try to be better at grown-up tonight. Really.
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