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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Server Not Found

Is anyone else having difficulties accessing Television Without Pity?


I am through your link, but that's because it's missing the .com

but otherwise it's coming up fine for me.


I even rebooted and tried a different browser.

And edited the link, of course.

huh. That's really odd.

TWoP often has server problems. Too many people posting at once on the forums, for example, or there's hang time while they post new recaps.

You do TWoP? Do you do the forums? I'm "Arania" - who are you? :D

Oooh - hold on. Are you the MizDarwin who posted that fantabulous Deadwood filk?

I'm flattered.

No, I'm Mamadeb there, as well. I do read the forums, but I've mostly posted in the Sandra Lee subforum.

I'll look for you.

Dang! I coulda sworn that was you! These days, I'm mostly in Doctor Who and Deadwood, which is why I haven't seen you. :)

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It apparently hates me.