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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

For the last couple of, well, years, we have slept on pillows that pretty much resemble pancakes. In fact, we stuffed two of them into each pillowcase (so sleeping on *four* pancakes pillows, and, in my case, turned them on their sides. I sleep on my side plus I have to have my head somewhat elevated or I can't breathe. I have seriously thought about getting a wedge to sleep on. Any of you do that?

I know pillows have a short lifespan. jonbaker even asked a hotel chambermaid once how the hotels keep their pillows so firm and comfortable. She told him they replace them every few months.

So, as a welcome home present to my husband, I bought new pillows today. Four of them. One pair with down for him and one pair with polyester for me. Nice, firm, thick pillows that means we'll be comfortable for a change.


Huh, I must be really undemanding when it comes to pillows. I've been using the same down pillow for over a decade now and it still seems okay to me. A bit lumpy, but if I squish it a bit it's still up to its job.

I have one of those foam pillows. (Is that what you are referring to as "wedge"?) I couldn't use it on my old bed, but it was no more uncomfortable than my main pillow on my new bed, and yesterday I figured out that if I sleep on the fat end, instead of the thin one it is completely *perfect*.

I sleep on the side too.

I've had one of those, but they're meant for people who want to sleep flat, with their necks supported and their spine aligned.

I can't sleep flat anymore.

I mean this sort of thing.

Larry uses one of those in conjunction with his CPAP and it helps. If he lies flat with the CPAP he can't breath. If you buy one get a couple of pillow cases for it at the time as they are non-standard and hard to find.

I have bought the extra-thick Tempurpedic ergonomic neck pillow, and I love it. I even have the small Travel model as well. And there's one catalog in France (alas, not online) from which I get little neck rolls I sometimes slide under my neck on my normal pillow, or travel with. As you can see, I can empathise!

I've been buying new pillows every so often. But I stack up several- three right now and two blankets- into a large wedge. I have to elevate my head or I can't breathe either- asthma- and I sleep on my stomach.

It's to a point I want to try a firm pillow, but they are suppose to be for side sleepers. Medium is suppose to be for stomach sleepers.

Funny you should mention this. I was talking to Boy today, and if we ever do manage to get another apartment, that's exactly what he wants for a homecoming gift. Although I want to keep his back support pillow, since I've gotten used to curling up against it.