Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


He's home. It was three nights of poor sleep and phone calls and bad tv, and jonbaker came home around 10:45 last night. I kept jumping up at any sound that sounded vaguely like a door, too.

He had a very nice time. We have a camera full of train pictures because he wants to, one day, build a model railroad based on a train line in that area and of future niece pictures because she's adorable. (We now have the God given right to spoil her as befits an aunt and uncle, right?)

And me not there to chepper about food or sulk was a good idea to say home. But he couldn't sleep at night, either and he said something was missing.


He opened the door and I ran all the way across the apartment. Because he was HOME. And we both slept last night.
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