Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Major Spoilers for SG-1 and SGA

I have seen no other reviews.

Ep 1006 "200"

I loved this. We giggled from the bigging to the end. There isn't much to say - this series is great when it brings the funny, and great when it brings the meta, and best when it does that. And this was so very meta. Star Trek and the Farscape bit and the Wizard of Oz (which was, of course, obvious from the fallen vessel I *LOVE* Vala.) And invisible Jack!

It could so easily have been a clip show, but instead even the flashbacks were original - and the transitions between scenes forshadowed and ... the *puppets*, with the *strings* cut. Which I *didn't guess until it happened, but oh.

And then the fanfic shout-outs . Jack as Mitchel's father. The wedding - both that it looked like Jack and Daniel getting married and then Sam with the LONG hair (and I loved that Vala wore a black bridesmaid's dress.) And the Ewoks. And "he'll be in the commercials." And. Oh, it was just. Good.

SGA Ep#0306 "The Real World"</b>

My goodness. What a mood changer - funny, lighthearted, sweet changed to intense and dramatic, with real consequences.

I very much enjoyed it.

Torri Higginson did an amazing job. Lost, scared, determined, coping, loving, grieving, and so very homesick. I believed her from start to finish, and I wish she could have more episodes like this.

And then, back on Atlantis - oh, I could hear the Elizabeth/John shippers cheering. :) As for me (being willfully blind), I saw the strong friendship between them, the connection John feels to all of his team and the deep, deep loyalty he feels towards her. It was his belief that kept him talking, kept him connected, and his lack of self perservation (holding her hand!) that got her out. As usual. It was as much a character moment for him as it was for her, and he did it without firing a gun or using his gene - just by being there.

And the cuteness between Rodney and Carson was necessary, I think, just to break things up.

It was, in fact, a strong, fast-paced and well-acted episode that, for me, reemphasized the theme of "family" that's been going through this season.

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