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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Finally, everything was correct - the weather was beautiful, I was up and awake at the right time *and* I got myself together.

I went walking this morning. For the first time in...it feels like forever.

I do think I'm still losing weight, despite the lack of exercise (I can't get motivated for Pakua, either.) I can hold my hands behind my back more easily - and this is meaningful. Until I started the diet, it was a strain to just clasp my hands behind my back. Now I can hold a wrist. But getting out and walking (and then the lovely, lovely shower after) is a good thing.

The mp3 player made a difference - nothing like walking to up, bouncy, rock-oriented filk. I was one step from dancing. I'd started with listening to the tape lecture on evolution, but that's much more suited to making dinner or knitting.

I also had a teaspoon of peanut butter beforehand and carried a bottle of water for the walk, and had what's become my latest breakfast after the shower and getting dressed - cornflakes and soy milk. I don't like cow's milk, but soy milk is pretty darn good over cereal. I measure the cornflakes carefully, of course, since 1 cup=1.5 carb exchanges and I'm allowed one carb exchange for breakfast. But 2/3 cup is a decent portion. I don't measure the soy milk because I like my cereal barely moistened. That and some fruit and maybe almond slices - YUM.

Meanwhile, I can't stop paying attention for a minute - I look away and the next thing I know, SGA fandom is in a minor *tizzy*. Not that I have any comment on this. I don't. I'm just...bemused.

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Nobody expects the Atlantis Inquisition!

I should probably try measuring my cereal. I get hungry again so fast as it is, though, that I'm afraid I'd be eating again in an hour if I ate less cereal for breakfast. *ponders*

This where the almonds come in. At least, for me, protein makes all the difference - if I've had a low protein day, my sugars will jump no matter how careful I was with the carbs, and I can reduce bad numbers (like the 139 I had Saturday night) by application of peanut butter or almonds. I'm also much hungrier the next day if I don't keep up the protein.

Sunday was a case in point - by lunch time, I was in what has become an unusual state for me - so hungry that I couldn't think rationally. It's not low blood sugar. When I tested, it was 99. It was simply hunger.

Jonathan, fortunately, understood (he's gotten that way himself, usually from being both hungry and tired), and took me to a favorite restaurant and ordered for both of us - a pizza with lots of fresh tomatoes and spinach and mushrooms on top. Very, very delicious, and two small slices are about my lunch carbs. I was able to *think* afterwards. Also, I drank a lot of water, which probably helped.