Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last night's dinner

Yesterday morning, we watched an episode of Arthur with Ming Tsai (a tv cook) as the guest "voice". Someone said he could make a gourmet meal in ten seconds.

I said I could do one in ten *minutes*.

And I sort of did (if you don't count the time the potatoes were baking. :))

Dinner last night was :

Turkey cutlets in lemon sauce
Baked red skin potatoes

Chateau Neuf to drink

I put the potaoes, very lightly coated in oil, in a 450F oven about an hour a head of time.

The spinach was frozen. I microwaved it for five minutes, after sprinkling with pepper and grated nutmeg. You want just a touch of nutmeg.

The turkey was the real production. I heated margarine and canola oil in a skillet, ground in some pepper and placed all four turkey cutlets. While the first side browned, I cut a lemon into four quarters. I realized - right then - that half a lemon is too big for me to squeeze efficiently. Darn these small hands, however strong. I turned the cutlets, and zested half the lemon using my microplane. Then I squeezed two quarters over the turkey. I removed the turkey and put two cutlets (one large, one small) on each plate with half the spinach and two small potatoes. Then I squeezed the rest of the lemon into the still-hot pan and added a pat of margarine. I poured the resulting sauce over the meat and served it forth, with margarine for the potatoes.

Ten minutes from pressing the microwave button to service. And very yummy with the white wine, which withstood the lemon nicely.
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