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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Last night's dinner

Yesterday morning, we watched an episode of Arthur with Ming Tsai (a tv cook) as the guest "voice". Someone said he could make a gourmet meal in ten seconds.

I said I could do one in ten *minutes*.

And I sort of did (if you don't count the time the potatoes were baking. :))

Dinner last night was :

Turkey cutlets in lemon sauce
Baked red skin potatoes

Chateau Neuf to drink

I put the potaoes, very lightly coated in oil, in a 450F oven about an hour a head of time.

The spinach was frozen. I microwaved it for five minutes, after sprinkling with pepper and grated nutmeg. You want just a touch of nutmeg.

The turkey was the real production. I heated margarine and canola oil in a skillet, ground in some pepper and placed all four turkey cutlets. While the first side browned, I cut a lemon into four quarters. I realized - right then - that half a lemon is too big for me to squeeze efficiently. Darn these small hands, however strong. I turned the cutlets, and zested half the lemon using my microplane. Then I squeezed two quarters over the turkey. I removed the turkey and put two cutlets (one large, one small) on each plate with half the spinach and two small potatoes. Then I squeezed the rest of the lemon into the still-hot pan and added a pat of margarine. I poured the resulting sauce over the meat and served it forth, with margarine for the potatoes.

Ten minutes from pressing the microwave button to service. And very yummy with the white wine, which withstood the lemon nicely.


Yum! I adore turkey cutlets. Kathy does amazing things with them, and they sub wonderfully for pork in recipes that call for it.

Which means they'd be good for various stir-fries...


wow, congratulations!
you are a cooking genius!

Want to come for another Shabbos?

Definitely, thanks!
I was actually talking to jonbaker recently and he said there's supposed to be another shabbaton at your shul sometime before the Hhagim. Assuming that the shabbatón doesn't include all the food, that could be a good time. Or pretty much any other time that'd be good for yall.

We are indeed having another Aish Das Shabbaton the Shabbat before Slichot.

At this point, it looks like Micha will be staying with us, although we don't know for certain. There will be dinner provided, but you're welcome for lunch.

Or perhaps a yom tov meal?

Cool, lunch during the Shabbaton with you two and Micha again would be great! And i'd love to come for a yontef meal too, if you want me to ;-) . I just have no idea at the moment where i'll be spending any of the upcoming hhagim.

Wonderful. So, you'll be here for lunch next Shabbat, with R'Berger.

And please, let me know when you're available for a meal.

Red skin potatoes are the *best* tasting potatoes there are! Everything I've made with them have tasted better than russet potatoes. And that includes using Lipton soup mix to flavor, and then bake. The herb & garlic soup mix is the best. Just cut up the potatoes, put them in a ziploc bag (easier than the bowl) with oil and the soup mix, shakes well and bake.

Soup mixes are out.

Pure salt.

I suppose you could do your own mix of spices. That way you could not only control the amount of salt, you could also plan the spices of the side dish to match the main course.

It wasn't chateauneuf, it was chardonnay. Somewhat drier.