Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I write about my successes...

Last night, I made baked tofu. I looked up techniques on the web and put together something simple that I thought would taste good.

I took a block of extra-firm tofu (my standard kind) and pressed it between layers of paper towels and a weighted board. After 45 minutes or so, I sliced it into 1/2 inch slices and arranged them in a baking pan. I covered them with a mixture of white wine, chopped garlic and pepper, plus some water, and baked them at 450F until they were browning on top.

They tasted like...tofu with a bit of garlic and a hint of wine. Bleh. Not inedible - far from it. I didn't have to force any of it down - but not really good. Next time, if I do this again, I'll marinate it for a half hour or so and I'll use stronger flavors, such as, oh, SOY SAUCE and SESAME OIL and GINGER. *rolls eyes at self*.

I also took a trip to a yarn shop because I needed to replace a Clover double pointed needle I'd lost. I'd been using one of my Brittany's, but I prefer Clovers. While I was there, I thought I'd see what sort of sock yarn they had, socks being addictive and my local place only having one brand. I went to Park Slope because the local place only has Bates needles.

She didn't have much, if any, sock yarn. Said there wasn't much call for it there. Which, given the low profit margin in yarn shops, makes sense to me - no point in stocking what no one will buy. So, I'm stuck with online again. Ah, well. (I'm almost finished with the current socks. I have the yarn for the next pair, which means I need the yarn for the pair afterwards.)

Any recommendations for handpainted yarn?

I also got a little tiny notebook that fits the cosmetic bag I use for my tools.
Tags: food, knitting

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